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We will light the darkness no matter what happens: A Channeled Piece

Taking some time to myself yesterday, I read between two books: I new I would be preparing to write a blog post for today, so I asked spirit what to write about. The answer: Write about that time you saw your guardian angel.... So I started writing about that and realized I could spend more… Continue reading We will light the darkness no matter what happens: A Channeled Piece

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Hope’s Degree: A Diploma for Faith

"If ever there was a time that hope had its place in the heart, when we feared we had lost it... we knew it was still there and may we find solace in knowing its return." What if we looked at our diplomas on the wall, and saw one for our faith... for our complete trust that our… Continue reading Hope’s Degree: A Diploma for Faith

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When a loved one weds: A bittersweet symphony

My baby cousin got married this weekend. Calling him my baby cousin has yet to get old, although he is much taller than me.   It hasn't gotten old because in my heart... and my mind...he is a little baby. He is the first little baby I remember holding. He is the first little boy I have memories… Continue reading When a loved one weds: A bittersweet symphony


There is good in life every day.Take a few minutes every day to distract yourself from your concerns-long enough to draw strength from a tree or to find pleasure in a bird's song.Return a smile; realize that life is a series of levels,cycles of ups and downs- some easy, some challenging.Through it all, we learn,we… Continue reading

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Acceptance- September

Charlie, what are you eating? Why do you have chocolate on your mouth? Was their chocolate in that goody bag??Must be sleepy to fall asleep while eating a lollypop...Acceptance means that youcan find the serenity withinto let go of the pastwith its mistakes and regrets,move into the futurewith a new perspective,and appreciate the opportunityto take… Continue reading Acceptance- September

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Leave Good Footprints- August

Life is a precious journey we all take.Each decision we make leaves an indelible footprint, for good or bad,success or failure, happiness or sorrow. So walkcarefully and with much thought, for your footprints will follow you wherever you go.Walk in love. Reach out in kindness.Speak peace. Harm no one. Be a light forgoodness. Live in… Continue reading Leave Good Footprints- August

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Believe in Miracles!- July

Love your life.Believe in your own power,your own potential,and you own innate goodness.Ever morning, wake with the aweof just being alive.Each day, discover the magnificent,awesome beauty in the world.Explore and embrace life in yourselfand in everyone you see each day.Reach within to find your own specialness.Amaze yourself,and rouse those around youto the potential of each… Continue reading Believe in Miracles!- July