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We will light the darkness no matter what happens: A Channeled Piece

Taking some time to myself yesterday, I read between two books:

I new I would be preparing to write a blog post for today, so I asked spirit what to write about. The answer: Write about that time you saw your guardian angel…. So I started writing about that and realized I could spend more time on it, so best to hold off.

What came to mind next was, was a channeled piece. If you are not familiar with channeled writing, it means a connection with spirit is made and we step aside to let whatever come through, to manifest on the paper.

There I was…. sitting in a part shade, part sun filled part of Starbucks…. smiling…. typing away on my computer…. and the following is what came through!

When it was finished, it was finished… I felt a definite finalization. I felt my light brighter and my soul laughing.

Here is what came through!

Signature 1


It’s not a time to be careless.

Although I have claimed to care too much.


Caring becomes painful when it becomes more about what we are not receiving than what we are giving.

Patience causes us to wonder where the time has gone. Hurrying things along will not create the outcome we desire.

What prevails in this tragic understudy of words?

Truth is what we seek and we will receive all that we have aligned with.

Whatever the outcome, our perception will determine the world we step into.

What makes one without the other?

We do.

When the light is shone on all the world, we will know that it’s our purpose we most question.

We will know that at all times we are asked a larger question. The question that we know in our hearts to be true.

Asking leads to learning and knowing leads to questioning.

What is it we desire most?

To live fully and understand all things.

We are meant to remember that we have all the answers within us and the distractions of the world have lead us deeper into a human experience that we can write home about.

It’s not what we will gain that poses the biggest curiosity, but what will show us the next step in our journey of progressiveness.

Living a life where the words are revealed to us page by page is what our universe seeks throughout its infinite wisdom of certainty.

We have all the answers and must live without knowing everything.

We act best when given the information piece by piece and make the most out of our genuineness.

This is the life we have come to live and it’s for everyone. It’s for us all.

I am a brother and also my brother’s keeper.

I am the keeper of questions and inquisitiveness and direct opposition to that which I am here to breath life into.

Largely in part to productiveness, I yearn for the capacity to breath truth and light into the dark corners of all systems.

It’s my ability to dwell in the abundance of what exists within all of my selves that will expand my consciousness.

Greater are we that connect together than he who shovels snow alone.

After the day is done and the sun sleeps for us, she has shone us a way that cannot be reproduced. We will not repeat and each day has us convinced that we are wired to repeat our mistakes.

We cannot repeat our mistakes because all we have is this moment. Literally this moment is all that exists. Any thoughts outside of this moment are bringing justice to the wrong manifestation.

It is through trust and understanding that we will resume peace and true order, one of love and connection rather than order as in control and manipulation.

In conclusion, we want you to know that we are first and foremost your biggest fans and we are encouraging when you see doubt and we are boosting you when you feel low.

Cover for channeled writing piece

Have a beautiful week!



Join me!


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