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Lecture for University of Pittsburgh students on parent experience related to prenatal diagnosis

This summer I gave a virtual lecture for University of Pittsburgh students in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences PA program – section on genetics.

This presentation addresses my personal experiences, pre and post natal, as well as the use of lethal language as it relates to inaccurate information and directive care.

Call it misinformation if you will – but medical professionals are still diagnosing babies in utero, who have OI, with a lethal form of OI. I give examples of why this is outdated and detrimental, not to mention unethical and immoral – oftentimes it’s ignorance and perhaps disability bias as well.

This is the first time I put my work to a slide show and I’m loving the final product! I’d love to offer this to medical professionals/organizations/therapists, who are looking to expand their palate on these topics.

Thank you to the University of Pittsburgh for giving me the opportunity to share our story and bring awareness to these important issues.

If you’re interested in receiving a copy of my presentation or partner for future lectures, educational opportunities and speaking engagements, please reach out!

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