Support and Empowerment

Oftentimes, as mothers, we question our abilities, and whether we are doing everything we can for our children.

How we birth, how we feed, how we play with, how we educate, how we discipline…. the list goes on and on….. and on….

I’m not here to tell anyone how to do any of the above… I’m here to offer support…. so others feel empowered to make their own decisions about what is best for them and their families.

This isn’t about drawing a line in the sand about what is right or wrong in our lives…

…. It’s about asking a very simple and important question:

“If you felt empowered to, would you?”

We make decisions out of love, and we make decisions out of fear.

Take a moment and think about this…. focus on any choice you have made in your life….some choices are emotionally charged if they have to do with our kids, and others may be less emotionally charged, like what we are eating for lunch. I know I have certainly made MANY decisions out of fear on both of these topics.

…. what is your belief surrounding your decision? Is it based in love, passion, conviction and purpose?

… or is it based in fear?

The world has been presented as a very scary place and as we become parents and adults and see more of the world, we realize that we have two choices: to feed the faith or feed the fear…. those are the ONLY two choices.

When we can become aware of our fears, we can transition into a place of power, conviction, and actual empowerment.

This is where our wounds turn into wisdom…

…. and our fear turns into bravery.

This is where we get to decide…. where we get to choose how we want to live our lives, which beliefs we want to carry, and how we want to experience our time here.

This is about questioning current belief systems and paradigms….

…. and deciding which is actually representative of our own truths.

…. this is about aligning that which is actually a representation of who we are universally and divinely, rather than who we are told to be….

True empowerment is when we recognize the fear, and allow the natural integration of a higher energy to transform it.

In the name of “empowerment”, so many initiatives today actually disempower women by placating to an archaic system built by talking points and a palpable fog of ego and fear…. fear of loss… loss of power, money, old belief systems that are being desparately held together by begging hands who would rather justify a broken system than actually create something better in its place.

True empowerment comes from reminding one another of who we are and what we came here to do. True empowerment comes from that part within us that feels connected to a greater presence, a greater community that will be a witness to our fear, and be the lighthouse for our love.

This isn’t about right or wrong choices…. this about feeling in alignment with our souls and making a decision from that place…. not out of fear…. but out of an inner knowing that is not right or wrong, but that is true to ourselves.

Are we making decisions and living our lives based out of fear?

If we had an inner knowing about how we wanted our experiences to play out…. and we felt supported in these intuitive-driven decisions…. would it affect our choices?

Inner knowing + Brave action = Empowerment

So this about asking the question: If you felt empowered to, would you?


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