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Prayers for my daughter

My daughter is growing up. And I am thrilled about it. She is moving through these experiences and I am fumbling alongside her... sometimes ahead of her, sometimes behind her. We know how important we are to our daughters. We know they learn about life through us. And yet, we must surrender this importance and recognize… Continue reading Prayers for my daughter

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Can You Really Cleanse Without Going on a Cleanse?

Can you really cleanse your body without going on an actual juice fast/cleanse? The following article from Redbook Magazine, written by Erin Zammett Ruddy insists that you can. Sean and I went on a cleanse on Jan. 3, 2013. (1-3-13!!) We read and followed Clean by Dr. Junger. It changed the way we looked at and… Continue reading Can You Really Cleanse Without Going on a Cleanse?

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Peaches + Power Greens Wrap for Kids

Peaches + Power Greens Wrap = Charlie Approved Ingredients: Almond butter Honey or agave Lemon juice Cucumber White flesh peach Power greens or greens of choice Whole wheat wrap Hunger for change Mix a scoop of almond butter and lemon juice. Spread onto wrap. Peel and slice cucumber into slivers. Lay onto wrap. Chop greens… Continue reading Peaches + Power Greens Wrap for Kids

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5 Ways to Give Presence this Christmas

My daughter, Charlie, came home from Santa's Workshop last week, and showed me a few items she bought for our family members. She was excited about them, however, one gift seemed to make her sad. "Why are you sad?" I asked. She said, "I just don't think this is good enough." I let that sit… Continue reading 5 Ways to Give Presence this Christmas