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Make Each Day Shine- May

You have a chance to be as happy as any one person has ever been. All you to do is recognize the possibilities, the power, and the wonder of… today. Living life a day at a time means living a life that is blessed with awareness, appreciation, and accomplishment. For one day you can be everything you were meant to be. For one amazing day… The weight is lifted. The path is clearer. The goal is attainable. The prayer is heard. The strength is sure. The courage is complete. The belief is steady and sweet and true. For one remarkable day… There is a brighter light in your life. The will to walk up the mountain takes you exactly where you want to go. The heart understands what serenity really means. And your hopes and wishes and reams will not disappear from view. For one magnificent day… You can live with an abundance of love and goodness and grace shining inside you. ~ Douglas Pagels

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