Charlie · parenting

T-2 Weeks

We are 12 days away from baby land… When asked if she’s going to have a baby brother or sister, for a while, Charlie responded, “a sister and her name is La-la”… Most recently, she responds, “we don’t know.” Last time she saw a newborn baby in a stroller she informed the parent/guardian of the baby, “We are getting one of those.” She doesn’t seem tired yet of an addition to our family, but then again, we have yet to begin.
It’s summertime, so it’s very hot outside. I keep the air on cold during the day and freezing at night. I just get hotter at night. I wake up in a sweat, so I don’t take anymore chances. I’m lucky if I even get a good night sleep, so thank goodness for naps. And thank goodness for dolls, doll strollers, Max and Ruby, Miffy, dress-up clothes, magnets, anything little, and stuffed animals. They occupy Charlie enough that I can close my eyes and I know she won’t be trying to scale the balcony. Daytime naps don’t go deep enough anyways, I usually drift off into a pre-REM state with the distant, high-pitched voice of the little one. She plays nice; she puts blankets over her dolls and asks them questions, whether or not they want something, whether or not they want to play.
I know life is going to change, but with change comes peace and contentment. The chaos of 2 kids and the paralyzed silence of 3am feedings will bring closure. As soon as we get into a routine, everything will change again. Charlie will have a friend. I’m excited to share this experience with Charlie, as she came to all of my doctor appointments with me.
“Why are you taking your clothes off, Mom? No one wants to see your bum.”
I’m excited to appreciate Charlie in a whole new way. She will be helpful and happy, kind and thoughtful. There will be other adjectives that are sure to come, maybe jealousy and defiance. However, Charlie’s pretty defiant as it is, so I really can’t imagine it getting any worse. I know, I know, famous last words, but I think her positives will overpower her negatives and when her temper would usually flair, she may be so distracted with her new addition and the fact that Mama isn’t nagging her as much, she just may curb her anger and take a few deep breaths. I’ve seen her do it. I’ve seen her stop, and instead of throwing something out of anger, she takes a few breaths. Need not get too excited, it’s only happened once. It feels like Charlie’s favorite thing to do, besides eat crackers, is to throw things out of anger. I tell her over and over again, we discipline her over and over again, and she still resorts to throwing something when she doesn’t get what she wants.
“No, Charlie, you can’t watch TV because you have to pick up your toys first.”
“But I want to watch TV!”
“I know, but please pick up your toys first.” This is where she grabs the nearest object and flings her arm up over her head. I interject.
“If you throw that, you’re going to time-out.”
Sometimes she puts it down and throws herself into a tantrum. Most of the time, for reasons unbeknown st to me, she decides to throw the object anyway. Or, she’ll toss it slowly, like it doesn’t count as throwing. As far as my utter confusion, it’s a toss up between these incidents and the ever-mysterious peeing and pooping on the potty. Sometimes she does it, most of the time she doesn’t. Whatever.
She’s playing with Daddy, and thank goodness for Daddy. He keeps us going and we fall in love with him more and more every moment. OK, here’s to a baby coming soon because I’m so anxious… and here’s to a few more days with just the three of us… and our life that has yet to consist of 3 hour intervals…

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