Why a flower blooms

Why does a flower bloom…

Because it’s what flowers do.

It’s what a seed turns into…

…a bud… that slowly but surely blossoms.

It shows its face to the sun.

It bathes in both the warmth and the rain.

We admire its beauty.

We admire its delicacy.

But to the flower,

….she is just doing her thing.

She wouldn’t call it anything special… just growing..

… just expansion…

…just doing what she came here today.

But we know better…

…we know just how special and miraculous her journey is.

…and within her cells, within her roots, she knows it too…

…she knows that with every summer comes the fall and the winter and then the spring when she may return..

She doesn’t worry.

She knows her time will come.

…and sure enough…

The sun shines.

And we all become.

Flower blossoms

Have a glorious and allowing day!

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