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Spirit Junkie Masterclass Aftermath

Spiritjunkie Masterclass

For those who do not know, I am a Spirit Junkie.

This means that I am committed to spirit.

It means that I am obsessed, in a passionate, ambitious, alive kind-of-way…

….with spirit.

With my soul.

With my higher self.

With God.

With Universal energy.

I want nothing more than to live in the space of this expansiveness… it’s where I feel whole… where I feel purposeful…. where I feel like I am home.

…a place without fear.

Or anxiety.

Or uncertainty.

It’s a place where I become one with all things… with all potentialities…

…and the person that my soul came here to be.

…without limits.

…without boundaries.

When I am not there,

I want to be there.

I am called to go there.

I hear it in the whispers of the wind…

We are here for you… waiting patiently for you to come home.

I am a Spirit Junkie.

My journey in this life… my purpose…

My mission… should I choose to accept it…. simple..

…and yet the challenge of my life…

To bring this essence… to allow it to expand to all the corners of my being…

…to the darkness…

… to the light…

The light of my children…. the light of my husband…

…. as I take care of my home…

…as I interact with the world…

… as I learn to do this…

I teach others to do the same.

I am a mama… I am a wife… I am a lover and a curious creature of earth dwelling.

I am a teacher. I am a giver, and I am a receiver.

I practice the art of allowing with love and compassion.

I am a Spirit Junkie.

And I am joyful to be here.


We all have access to spirit… we all have access to that energy which is within us, but not from us. We all have access to the love, inspiration, creativity, conviction, peace and connection that we long for… We have it, it is ours.

Please look forward to more insights from a transformational weekend…. Have a beautiful day!

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