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Why we need held in our joy


Earlier this month I attended Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

One of the things she mentioned was how important our loving relationships are and how we need to be with someone who can hold us in our pain.

This makes the difference in healing and in staying hurt.

Being married to my best friend and soul partner is a magical experience for me. It is not without struggle or pain. It’s full of it, actually.

What we have learned thought is how to live the life we want and grow together, rather than apart.

And I most definitely have a man who holds me in my pain. It’s something we have learned to do… and communicated to one another. Because we know  how important emotions are, I let him know that because I am feeling sad or angry or off, it doesn’t mean something is wrong. It just means that I am willing to sit and move through my feelings… I provide comfort and healing to myself rather than bust through my feelings because they don’t always feel good.

And he honors this process for me.

It takes practice…

And it made me realize that not only is it important for our partners to hold us in our pain, but to also hold us in our joy!

Not only do they support us when we are hurt and offer an uplifting spirit, but they encourage us to pursue that which brings us happiness.

Are they willing to see us at our best? Are they willing to walk with us as we aspire to have moments of true bliss and fulfillment?

Can they help us hold the vision of the person we want to become?

Once we recognize where we need to be held in our pain, we may also see where we may be held in our joy…

…in our passion…

…in our ambition even of where we see our full potential unfolding.

May our hearts be joy focused and able to move towards healing with compassion and grace… together.


Have a beautiful week!

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