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How to Go From Feeling Alone to Feeling Supported

If you knew who walked beside you

‘If you knew who walked beside you at all times,

on this path you have chosen….

Fear would be impossible.”

-A Course in Miracles

We are not alone.

And yet, we go at it alone all the time.

When we feel that anxious energy, it’s a sign that we are relying on our own strength.

And we have the strength of the universe at our fingertips…

So why do we forget?

Because we live in a world that promotes and glorifies individual success.

We must fight our way to the top.

We must be the best.

We must take care of ourselves because no one else will…

I know I’ve heard these words before and I have even caught myself saying them to my kids! Using the energy of personal responsibility to create responsible, contributing young members of society.

Stop right there, my dear.

You are not alone.

And neither are they.

I have heard this mantra before…

“If you knew who walked with you on this path you have chosen, fear would be impossible.”

And when it clicks…

….when it really gets in good….

Look out…

When we feel unsupported, and we are working on a relationship with our higher self…

and we go from a thought to an actual belief and integration of our being,



We are being held and guided by the greatest forces that were ever created and exist alongside us ….

…Not some of the time….

But ALL of the time.

Being held and supported is a choice and when it becomes difficult, it’s our invitation to go deeper.

3 Ways We Can Feel Supported By the Universe

1.) Recognize that you are feeling disconnected.

When we are feeling overwhelmed or anxious, fearful or like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders, that can be the moment we ask for help. That’s the moment we can then allow a miracle to come in and shift our energy. We feel different. And that’s the miracle.

Just this morning I noticed that I was bouncing around internally with anxious energy, mainly because the kids are now home from school for the summer and we are acclimating to a new routine…

…and I made my cup of coffee, threw my toast with ghee and avocado on a plate, grabbed my new Kyle Gray book and ran out to plop myself down on my front porch chair.

I took deep breathes and started reading.

I  opened to where I left off and read:

“I accept that I am fully supported by the universe.”


Incorporating high vibrational authors or music into your routine will help you in those moments… as if picking up right where you left off.

2.) Getting still and finding my happy place

For me, I know if I can just get to a place where I feel safe, internally, I can begin to feel supported again.

This means I get to sit in stillness and go back to a practice I have been working on for a few years now.

We have to start somewhere…. inviting a connection to something greater than yourself on a regular basis helps us connect to that place more easily when we are feeling wacky.

3.) Decide that you can change your dominant belief in being unsupported

It’s no wonder that Kyle’s first mantra in his book of 111, asks us to believe that we are living in a universe that supports us fully.

Fear based thoughts creep up a lot…. but we have to make the call for ourselves whether our dominant thought is one of feeling unsupported.

Tools to help with this:

  • Journaling – writing down our thoughts and feelings is a way we can then go back and see what is going on…. taking an inventory of patterns and habits will help make space for change.
  • Sitting in stillness – I am in the midst of a regular meditation practice that lasts for 11 minutes. Aside from this, I start my day with stillness and prayer. I ask for guidance and inspiration. I call upon my angels to assist and clearly reveal themselves to me. I step into my light bubble and pop one onto my kids, too…. I haven’t always done this and I am answering the call to begin doing this regularly.
  • Surround yourself with positive and uplifting spirits – Listen to audios, read inspirational books and articles… when someone recommends a book to you or you keep seeing one pop up, take the universe’s invitation and listen to what your message is…. All things are in our favor and although it doesn’t always feel that way, the magic is in the moments…and we can feel that message loud and clear.


I may be bringing this topic up more as I recognize how pivotal this reality is in my own life.

Please share with me how you feel supported, or if you don’t feel supported at all and this seems too far fetched for you!

May you feel guided and held in all you do, today and in all days…

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