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What I learned from my first kundalini yoga class

I have learned to love kundalini yoga.

Long before I took a class, I have used breathing tools and mantras with the intention to clear my blocks, reduce stress and work with my energy in a positive way.

I finally decided to take the leap and commit to going to a class.

Different than traditional yoga, there aren’t many kundalini yoga classes in town.

I found one and decided to go ahead.

The teachers played live music for the summer solstice, and as they are musicians, they incorporated sound healing into the class. The gongs were amazing.

kundalini yoga stained class windows

I recently got an adorable meditation pillow for Truly that I decided to bring with me for support… and I brought Pappy along too… his blanket stays in my car.

kundalini yoga meditation pillow

When I got my mantra sheet, I knew I had come to the right place!!

kundalini yoga mantra sheet

Pushing to my destiny

So there is this breathing technique called Breath of Fire… it’s nostril breathing and it’s also belly breathing. Easy enough… then we started doing another exercise that incorporated the nostril breathing with punching of the arms. Each breath falls on a punch of each arm. Our instructor said that we may envision ourselves punching the blocks to reaching our destiny.

I decided to give it my all.

And really got the hang of it!

Onto the next… which is like a swooping of the arms, incorporating the nostril breathing again.

I got this.

I loved this experience.

The next day, I went for a run, I felt totally good.

Then the next day hit… and I noticed I was having pain in my right arm area… like, I pulled a muscle under my armpit… my breast muscle… It was hard to take deep breathes.

So now I am on day 5… and I think we are turning the bend!

I have been practicing a kundalini mantra meditation to invoke intuitive knowing and manifestation, off and on since I got back from Spirit Junkie Masterclass earlier this month.

I had a huge break through last night…. the surrendering came…

…. the tears came…

…the shedding is happening.

Sometimes it’s little things that happen that make a huge impact on us…

….and within everything lies a lesson.

If we are willing to ask the question of what it is.

Lessons Learned

heart We always have something to be thankful for – If we wake up alive with air in our lungs and the ability to take deep breathes… that’s it right there.

heart We can’t force progress – hell yes I want to break through my blocks to my destiny… but sometimes we force things and we strive too hard…. we want things so badly that we stop listening to our bodies… stop listening to our hearts… we stop co-creating with our God, our angels and our intuition and do things our own way…. halt, my dear… just hit the showers for a minute. And other times we ‘think’ we are doing the thing that best serves us… our intentions are true! We swear, we were listening to our intuition! And we still pull our muscles… sometimes we think we are doing what we are supposed to and the pain is part of the journey.

heartWe can shift our perspective around pain – On Day 4 of this cramp/muscle ache/hard to deep breath… I decided that I was going to take my power back… Instead of asking for help… pleading… in desperation… I decided to take Kyle Gray’s advice and thank the angels for already doing their work.

“Thank you angels for healing my body… for holding me… I don’t have to do it alone… thank you.”

I began reciting the mantra in my mind, “I am being healed. I am being healed. I am being healed.”

Sometimes we get so off track that taking back our minds with a powerful mantra will help re align our energy and shift our experience. This is a great mindfulness technique that we can use anywhere, at anytime.

Have you ever taken a class or pushed things a little too far and realized it afterwards? What lesson was there in the experience?

Have a beautiful day and thank you for reading!

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5 thoughts on “What I learned from my first kundalini yoga class

  1. Hi Nikki,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing your experience with Kundalini Yoga. I am new to the yoga world and heard about kundalini for the first time this evening online. So I followed a youtube video and really enjoyed it. I know it is different from actually experiencing a class, but I enjoyed it! ❤ Alana

    1. Hi Alana! Do you have any classes locally? We have weekly classes, although they are a little farther away than I like to travel. Online experiences are so impactful, they are so fun and certainly purposeful when we can’t get to an in-person class. I think Gabby Bernstein offers a kunalini online course, I was considering it one time, I may still do it. And I would love to participate in teacher training if it ever came to our area! Blessings in your journey! xoxo

      1. Hi Nikki!
        I will have to look and see if we have local classes. Thanks for the suggestions 🙂 I will also look up Gabby Bernstein. You should definitely participate in teacher training. You would be great at it. Thanks again Love and Blessings! Xoxoxo.

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