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How do I hear my inner guide?

“When I hear my higher self… my inner wisdom… the voice of God… it’s not a booming voice, it’s my voice.”

– Iyanla Vanzant

We are told to listen to our intuition, but what really does it sound like?

Meggan Watterson has a beautiful Soul Voice Meditation, where she takes you on a guided journey into communication with your soul. She prefaces it with some information about our soul voice.

As she describes it, our soul speaks in various ways. One way it speaks is through feeling. If you get an overwhelming sense of emotion, that’s a message from your soul.

Another way she says our soul speaks to us is through images. Colors, shapes, scenes, pictures… a vision is communication with our soul…our inner guide.

The third way she touches on is through words. I LOVE this one. I often get images of words in my mind. I also pay attention to the story being played as my thoughts.

So how do we know if it’s…

The Real Voice

Our limiting beliefs clutter up our mind with negative chatter and wrong information. This is why it is important to recognize this chatter when it comes up and allow it to pass without getting emotionally involved with it.

We also have to recognize it as being false, and our ego’s way of muddying up our waters…controlling the situation.

You will know you’ve tapped into Divine Wisdom when you feel a sense of relief.

You’ll feel a little less stressed… a little less confused… a little less intimidated.

It will feel like the truth.

Anything that makes you feel worse about yourself, is a limiting belief that will need to be let go.

The answer to any of our questions lies within ourselves.

A Pep Talk

Lately, I’ve been recognizing my inner guide acting as a cheerleader… giving me a pep talk.

If I’m in a situation where I am a little frazzled, or I feel I have “too much to do with too little time”… I hear this voice come through…chanting, “You’ve got this! You’ve got this!”

One could say that because I’ve done so much work on creating the thoughts I want, working with mantras and affirmations, that it’s just my subconscious showing up to the game with my own language of positive reinforcement…

… either way…

I’m good with it.

These are loving thoughts and by re-training our brains to beat the drum of positive thoughts rather than negative ones, our vibration raises and does a happy dance with the love that we actually are…. the love that God actually is.

3 Ways to Hear Your True Voice

  • Get quiet. “Be still and know that I am God.” In the silence, you will hear the whisper of your soul.
  • Declare to the universe that you are ready and willing to receive guidance. This can be a vocal announcement, you can write it in a journal, you can open your palms when sitting in prayer or meditation. Whatever you decide, do it with confidence that you are ready and willing to receive.
  • Think of a loving thought and go from there. If you have kids, and you think about the affection you have for them, you can tap into that feeling of unconditional love. If you don’t have kids, think of something that you absolutely adore. Now… imagine that love within you having a voice… what would it say? What would it say to you? We are beings of love… at our core… we just learned negative thoughts when we got here. Any thought of love brings you back to your true self and in communion with our Creator.

Please share with me if any of these tips help you connect with your inner voice of wisdom!

Have a beautiful day!

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