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Why is JOY so important?

“Follow your bliss…”

“Follow your joy…”

“Do things you’re passionate about…”

Why are these things so important? What’s the big deal with living in joy, peace and happiness?

It is at the frequency of joy that magic happens.

Why joy is so important

By magic, I mean the place where synchronicity lives… miracles occur naturally and regularly… and life becomes less about effort and more about living…

Presence is where it’s at.

3 Reasons to Follow Your Joy

1.) To have more energy. When you do an activity where your mind is totally consumed by it, you are in the zone… in the flow… some of us find this through exercise, through art, through work, through gardening, through taking care of our children…

When you’re in the zone, you are experiencing what’s closely related to divine intervention. You are channeling creation energy that reinvigorates you, rather than depletes you.

Some things we enjoy so much, it feels like we are expending ZERO effort at all, rather receiving tremendous amounts of energy that makes us feel alive. 

We actually feel more invigorated because our activities are requiring less energy, less effort… life feels effortless….with momentum.

This is where inspiration to our ‘problems’ reside. We can get so caught up in the how and why, that we forget we have all the answers we need. It’s about accessing this information and we do this through the feeling of joy.

2.) It feels good. The reason it feels so good is because it’s in alignment with who we truly are. We learned the negative patterns and emotions after we were born and now it’s about recognizing them and un-learning them, so we can live most of our time in a state of being in alignment. This feels like joy, love, peace, excitement, passion and knowing.

3.) We experience more of it. It’s like learning to ride a bike. Once you know how to ride a bike, you know you can pick up where you left off… You know that when you get back on that bike again, you’ll know how to ride it… once you learn, you ride for a few minutes, and then maybe go a little farther the next time. Before you know it, you’re biking a mile… and as you get older, you ride your bike on trails for hours…

Once you pick up joy, the experience will become easier, more frequent and habitual…. until it becomes a way of life.

Like a magnet, you attract  more experiences of joy just by having one experience of joy.

So if you want to have more joyful moments… start by having joyful moments.

And your momentum will grow.


We are works in progress! Practice forgiveness and invite joy into your life…. it’s been meant for you all along.

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