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Hope’s Degree: A Diploma for Faith

“If ever there was a time that hope had its place in the heart, when we feared we had lost it… we knew it was still there and may we find solace in knowing its return.”

What if we looked at our diplomas on the wall, and saw one for our faith… for our complete trust that our lives were unfolding exactly as they were meant to…

What if our degree magnified our hope… our desire and expectation for something… and an implemented knowing it would come about.

Our world places these matters of the heart… of the soul, of the spirit…. not to be declared but kept within our private container of boundless archives.

What would our walls of accolades look like if we hung our most yearning potential… that which we came here to be.

And faith….

We are meant to walk in faith and life gets really good when we may live by these practices. Of the trust in a something far greater than ourselves.. that we are never alone and that, indeed… the universe always has our back.

Unless we are mindful or unless someone mentions it, we can forget how faithful we have become.

When we talk about trust in the unknowing, we talk about things that exist in this world, but not of this world.

It may not always be front and center, and when it’s not, it can be mis-placed and un-emphasized.

This knowing in the unknowing…

If we kept it forefront like a tangible item, might we learn more about it… remember more of its meaningful properties and exquisite format for living, loving and manifesting?

For me, it sits on the tip of my heart, acting as a guide for directional purposes. It acts as a voice for my intuition and a powerful force for remembering. We are not alone and there is a universal energy that is working on our behalf at all times.

This isn’t optional.

Only the way we choose to live and choose to perceive is our free will.

So if hope had a degree, would we give her more credit? If faith carried her diploma publically, would we give her a larger place in the world?

Our gifts will stay humble…and as they become brighter, their value will increase and expand for us all.

Have a beautiful week.

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