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To Manifest

Over the years, the word manifest has come up… a lot…

Here is a video from 2012, which I viewed a few years ago.

It’s one of my favorites…

When it comes to creating what we want, it’s cool to know that we can set our sights on it and then let go…

Because, as Gabby says,

“Sometimes you get a gift…”

Sean and I use this phrase with each other… as a reminder that we can let go and be willing to receive the surprises life has in store for us.

Some key points I have learned about manifesting:

  • We are creators. For most of our lives, we have have believed that life is happening to us. With manifesting, it’s important to know that we are the illustrators of our canvas… and we get to decide what our life looks like. Our desires are here for a reason, helping to move us in a direction that brings us joy, peace and fulfillment.
  • It’s not just about material things. Yes, having things is great, but it’s more about what these items will bring us emotionally. It’s necessary to ask the question: How will these items make me feel once I have them.
  • I am enough. Sometimes we don’t get what we want because underneath it all, we have a belief that we don’t deserve the good feelings we’d get from them. Shame, guilt and self-hatred clutters up our lives so even when we decide we want to create something in our lives, we are not open to receive it because of a limiting belief we may not even know we have.

After spending thousands of hours researching and experimenting with manifesting, I am here to say that we can create a life that we want… a life we were born to live. The outside world will tell us every day that it’s not possible but based on my experience and the experience of others who are in my life, it’s our birthright to live in a world where manifesting our desires is a routine, predictable and miraculous way to live.

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