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3 Things We Can Learn From Other People

The light within


Many of us seekers know this… I have also heard Dr. Christiane Northrup say, “If you spot it, you got it.”

We want to lead happy lives, we want to feel connected, we want to make the most of our time here…

No regrets…

This is a theme that swirls us now, and always has.

One way to get where we want to be… live the life we see in our hearts and our minds but haven’t been able to articulate in this physical form…just…yet…

…is to learn more about ourselves.

What makes us tick…

… what drives us….

A great way to learn the lesson of ourselves…

…. is to learn it through others…

3 Ways We Can Learn From Others

No qualifications necessary…

Through other people we can learn:

1.) What we want

What is it that you like about your best friend? Is it that she is a good listener? Is it that he is always able to make a joke to lighten any mood? Is it that they would be there in a second for you if you needed them to be?

I have great news for you…. when you recognize a quality in another person, it’s actually a quality within yourself that you may be able to arouse.

But Nikki, I’m a terrible listener… I could never be as great a listener as my BF….

… on the contrary, my friend…

… Whatever it is about your friend that you like… find an ounce of that within yourself, and ask it to come forth.

The light you see in others is the light within yourself.

If you didn’t have it within yourself, you would not be able to recognize it in others.

2.) What we don’t want

Again with the shadow. When we recognize things in others that we dislike, they may very well be things within ourselves that we dislike. Once we bring these items to our awareness, we can move towards integration and acceptance of our whole selves.

Here is another perspective on this: Let’s take money, for example. If we condemn someone for being “rich”, we are putting  up a barrier to our own wealth. We will not be able to accept that which we reject. This includes things we actually want deep down inside, but think it’s not possible for us to have.

If you see a quality or life style that you want, but feel you cannot have, take time each day to cultivate a sense of peace and relief surrounding this blessing. Try a prayer from Marianne Williamson that I have used many times that says, “May they have the peace, happiness and wealth that I wish for myself.”

Once we can get into the habit of blessing others’ success, we are opening the door to receive those same blessings, tenfold.

3.) Where we are

Have you ever noticed that someone doesn’t bug you anymore? Or an experience with a co-worker or neighbor was once so intense and has seemed to fizzle out? Energy flows where attention goes. Once we are able to raise our vibration, our attention moves from it and before long, the experience has changed.

We can tell where we are based on the response we feel from others.

It’s an opportunity to clarify our thoughts and beliefs. I had an experience this weekend where I felt disappointed. Adult interactions rarely take much of my focus and cause any sort of halting in my moving forward. I was given the opportunity this weekend to face my beliefs and see my new self in action. In the past, I may have felt embarrassed… but it was the vibration of disappointment that dominated. There was some confusion, some dis-empowerment, but recognizing where I was allowed me to process the experience in an empowering way.

Our hearts are opening now…

We are becoming more compassionate.

We will inevitably see the light in others more frequently, and this is a direct reflection of the love we feel for ourselves. And it’s a beautiful thing.


Have a beautiful week!

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