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Why crankiness is a good thing


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Sharing the teachings of Abraham Hicks, negative emotions are a signal to let us know where we are, in direct relationship with where we want to go.

Our emotions are literally our GPS.

Have you heard the expression “You have all the guidance you need within yourself”…?

I just said it myself last night when I posted this to Instagram!


Aside from the other reasons that we have all the answers within (one of them being a co-creation with God), we have our emotions.

Emotions are energy in motion.

Thus, we have access to a non-physical energy that allows us to experience things in a physical way.

When we are cranky, it is a clear sign that we are out of alignment with our true power.

Our higher self is calling to us:

“This is not who you are, but I am here to remind you of who you are.”

Tell me why cranky is a good thing again?

If we are honest with ourselves, being cranky actually feels good.

It feels better in the moment we express it so it’s actually a good thing.

If we weren’t ‘acting cranky’, we would be suppressing our feelings or accommidating those around us to not ruffle any feathers or stir relationships.

Oftentimes we are most cranky around the people we love most in our lives because we feel safe to express ourselves with them. This is great!

This past weekend, I had a cranky episode that lead to a peaceful experience. I was triggered a few different times on Friday and then coming home from a reiki level 2 training (of all things), it was all coming to a head as my crankiness was magnified in conversations with my husband.

Have you noticed that when you feel cranky, negative things in your life feel much more intense? For example, I have kids and they take things out and drop things on the floor and leave their things everywhere. No matter how much we focus on putting things away, we still get things left out everywhere…. When I am feeling good, I really don’t care about the messes and clutter… I am focused on something that makes me feel good… a project or idea, something positive I am doing that day…. I am all butterflies and flower fields… I don’t worry about things getting done, I know everything will be put away in its time and one day I will look back on these days with love and not sweat the small stuff now. I dwell in gratitude for my kids, my family, and appreciate how far I have come.

When I am cranky….

I am all: “Do we have to leave everything out all the time?! I am not a maid! I didn’t sign up for this! I do so much for everyone and this is the thanks I get?! Is it so hard to put something back where you found it?” Imagine fangs and claws and stomping and pouting… a geyser-like eruption of fire-y sauce sprouts from the top of my head and it’s best to lock me in the bathroom until I have had some alone time..

Whether this is an exaggeration (or not), hormones (or not), we all feel the fury that comes with a cranky mindset and a cranky body.

The point is to honor where we are.

This means that we have awareness for what is going on. It’s not a time to make ourselves feel bad or guilty for turning into the abominable snowman for no apparent reason.

We always have a reason for feeling the way we do and we have every right to feel however we feel.

Give yourself permission to be cranky. And also give yourself permission to feel better.

3 Lessons I Learn From Crankiness

1.) It doesn’t last… When we are in pain or discomfort from crankiness, it feels like it’s never going to end.  Even now, I start having the negative thoughts like, “What if this real life and the joy is a lie?” The ego grips us however it can and doubt and fear, when we are at our knees, is a best attempt at hijacking our surrender.

2.) It’s a great time to surrender…. Once I have time to be alone, my crankiness has led me to a point of prayer and surrender… my declaration… of giving up control. My suffering hasn’t gone un-noticed and I am allowing myself to lean on a power far greater than this human exsistence. I have a conversation with the Divine and ask for guidance… there is a lot of crying and in the end… I feel a lot better.

3.) It’s best to ride the wave rather than force myself to feel better….

Darkness is afraid of the light

Ride the wave of emotion and recognize that you having jumped on board the train of ‘no-reasoning-with”… Get yourself to a place of safety and cry it out if you feel moved to… the energy has to go somewhere and for me, I release it through crying.

“When we are triggered, we are in the vibration with the problem, not the solution” -Abraham

So what we can do is recognize that we are not going to be much help to anyone when we are in alignment with the problem… so feel cranky… and then when you are ready to start to feel a little bit better, jump on that train.

I personally moved from crankiness, to crying, to surrender and acceptance… then I felt better… and I had authentic experiences with my family… from a place of truth and presence, because I made it through to the other side.

It’s not perfect, but it’s progress… it’s a muscle we must build and we will get better than we were the day before. That, I promise.

Have a beautiful week.

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2 thoughts on “Why crankiness is a good thing

  1. When I am Cranky something I remind to ask myself. is HALT. Am I hungry, angry, lonely or/and tired? If I am any of these things It’s time to choose again and self care.

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