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How the ocean teaches us to rise again

“Don’t sit and think about how beautiful my waves are…be the beauty with me that we both are. We are one in the same”

– the ocean

The beach

The ocean never leaves us. We may leave the ocean but she will always be there. She never leaves.

The waves may be rough and rocky, but will calm again. And the sun does shine again. The waters do settle.

Why must we judge this process within ourselves? Might we get comfortable with observing without judgement? Just as the waves are impactful, we are emotional.

Do we ask, “Why are the waves harsh and the water cold?”

Do we ask, out of anger, in critique of her force and temperament?

No, we say, It’s how it is. She is a wave, and sometimes she is hot from the sun, sometimes stronger than we’d like. But we don’t judge her. We try again tomorrow. We know she can’t be cold every day. We know we’ll get our day with her….she’s not going anywhere.

And yet, we have trouble letting ourselves be human. Just as she is a wave, we are human. In the sea of this experience. We carry energy. We make a different, we work with the sun and the moon.

We are allowed to be human. With everything that goes with it.

We’re going to feel, we’re going to forget, we’re going to roar, and we’re going to react.


Why must we?

Because we’re human. Because we are here, we are now, in these bodies, at this time.

We’ve taken different forms, but we are the same.

I may have a lot more to learn about the ups and downs of emotions, opportunities and disappointments…. more to learn about suffering, attachment to outcome and worrying…and all the heavy energies that I experience…that I worry about…

But I will overcome… we will overcome.

It’s what we do.

As humans….

We will crest again, crash again, and do it all over again.

We rise strong.

She never sits in her wave for too long, she keeps rolling.

And so do we.

I may sit in my wave until it naturally crests… even though it feels like thick mud…

So it’s not to remove our humanness and become a wave.

It’s about seeing that which dwells in her, dwells in us...

…in all of us…

And may that give us insight, give us peace, give us connection.

We are never alone…. we are in this together.

Although the ocean may not fear, we will fear…. and we will find our way home again.

Home is where the heart is…. It is within us always, where ever we go…

May that bring us comfort.


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