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Self Care Can Transform Relationships

Being a parent is not easy. No one tells you how hard it is. Especially now. this time. No one tells you the transformation you will under go at the hands of your creations. ...Amidst the chaos, there is a slow, light-weight energy... ... the eye of the storm... ... the feathery fluff... ... when… Continue reading Self Care Can Transform Relationships

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What I learned about life from Wreck-It-Ralph

Wreck-It-Ralph…and baby Sarah Silverman…Wreck-It-Ralph: The modern day fairytaleWreck-It-Ralph is a kid movie… it’s a cartoon… it’s a very tasty, entertaining, quick-witted and cleverly-written kid movie.The trend with kid movies nowadays is they must appeal to adults, as well as their children. And they do! Despicable Me, Monsters, Mega-Mind…these are just a few.Wreck-It-Ralph is no different.… Continue reading What I learned about life from Wreck-It-Ralph