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What I learned about life from Wreck-It-Ralph

Wreck-It-Ralph…and baby Sarah Silverman…

Wreck-It-Ralph: The modern day fairytale

Wreck-It-Ralph is a kid movie… it’s a cartoon… it’s a very tasty, entertaining, quick-witted and cleverly-written kid movie.
The trend with kid movies nowadays is they must appeal to adults, as well as their children. And they do! Despicable Me, Monsters, Mega-Mind…these are just a few.
Wreck-It-Ralph is no different. Ralph’s ‘Bad Guy Help Group’ has a mantra they say after the end of every meeting:

I am bad…and that’s good
I’ll never be good, and that’s not bad…

Another bad guy friend tells Wreck-It-Ralph Just because I’m a bad guy, doesn’t mean that I’m a bad guy
Wreck-It-Ralph continues to be filled with laugh-out-loud moments and characters that are as memorable and their dialogue.
I love this movie because it is truly entertaining all the way through, but also because it sends a great message. Just because life seems to hand us one set of circumstances, it is ultimately our choice how we react…and what we do with these circumstances.

Wreck-It-Ralph and Internal Conviction

Sometimes we just….know. We have an internal conviction… a calling… a sometimes soft voice at first, and it just gets louder and LOUDER until we cannot move another muscle without taking massive action…

Sometimes we don’t know what to do…our reality and the situation, and the people, around us, are all pointing towards the contrary… everything seems off our radar…

Then, one day, a Wrecker shows up and mistakenly gives us his gold medal so we can borrow it to enter a race…because we are a racer…no matter what anyone says…. no matter what the writing on the wall looks like, no matter what our surroundings looks like…inside, we know we are a racer… if only we are given the opportunity to race… or take the opportunity…

Better yet… release all our limiting beliefs and what we think our reality is and we will it to the universe that we are ready to receive… we are ready to see things differently… we are ready to BE BETTER…. We literally are currently being better and our physical world will manifest itself to reflect our inner strength…and inner peace…and inner belief…

Thanks, Wreck-It-Ralph, pleasure to meet you.


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