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Will Obamacare give me a free breastpump – Pregnant minds want to know…

Pregnant minds want to know… will Obamacare provide me with a free breastpump after my baby is born?

Obamacare causes me, at 5 months pregnant, to wonder

Hey, I am all for breastfeeding… I struggled a little bit with my first child, for sure. I was young, un-knowing, in-experienced, motivated by health reasons and also motivated by the financial gain of free milk for my baby cub.
I think I lasted a few months and then started supplementing fully. Since then, it’s become even more clear to me of the health benefits of breast feeding. It’s really hard, though, I will say. It’s uncomfortable and it’s not for the woman who wants things to get back to the way they were before the baby was born. It’s a life-changing commitment and it’s very beneficial for me, personally, to go all in, mind and body, as it’s a totally different lifestyle then to not breastfeed.

I’ll breastfeed with or without Obamacare

Benefits, I’ll take ‘em… disadvantages, they are clear… and I will breastfeed with or without Obamacare… As I’ve done in the past, I pump so I can bottle feed the baby sometimes and also allow myself the freedom of others to feed the baby.
However… no free time is really acquired because pumping actually takes more time than feeding from the breast. It may even require more commitment than feeding strictly from the breast because extra time is required to sit and pump… Sure, I can watch Sister Wives and catch up on The Real Housewives of New Jersey…and maybe get a hardcopy of Obamacare to educate myself of the Obama-careness of it…but it’s still a time (and physical, whoa is it physical!) commitment to pumping…
The government may shut down…Obamacare may help some and hurt others…I may or may not run out of Samoas cookies….the real question is…what about the breast pump?

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