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A tiny mad idea: our thoughts

Our thoughts are more powerful then we think

Gabrielle Bernstein has talked about the tiny mad idea in her book Spirit Junkie. Our mind can take our one thought or thoughts and snowball them into a negative reality that literally does not exist…outside of in our minds. And we know that what we put our attention and our thoughts, manifests into our physical reality.

We can control our thoughts

A tiny mad idea can cultivate a world of thoughts that direct our paths down a course that does not best serve us. We can be a witness to our thoughts and we can direct our minds to whichever ends we desire.
By acknowledging our ego and creating awareness of our thoughts and spirals of negative thinking, we can choose to see things differently. We can choose to validate our feelings, validate our pain. We can then choose to release this pain and choose to accept another way. We can choose to be love… love is who we are and fear is something we create… it does not serve us other than to validate our pain and keep us in our pain… keep us in the comfort of our pain.
Personally, I choose to release my pain… I am willing to see that I can become so comfortable in my pain that I am not willing to change…not willing to accept another way…not willing to accept the abundant things the universe has to offer because I am so comfortable in my pain…so willing to stay in my pain….
I choose to be aware of my thoughts and release those that do not serve me… I get to choose.

My thoughts determine my reality

Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches us in his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself that our thoughts really control our lives. They are the foundation for the actions we take, the relationships we build and the choices we make.
It’s best serving to ourselves that we choose to have positive thoughts thoughts that are focused on our happy end result, aka our vision.

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