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Big Milestone for Niko

No one ever said he wouldn’t walk…. No one ever said he wouldn’t crawl.

Most have said, “We don’t know.”

The only thing scarier than the unknown…

…. scarier than the not-knowing of how a future will play out…

… how our son’s life will unfold….

…. whether he will live a full and purposeful life….

…. is knowing he never will.

This is the resistance we faced when we were told of Niko’s condition.

We were faced with the possibility that he would never experience life…. .

… that he would never experience joy or triumph.

… love or willingness….

…determination or adventure.

My fear came through the known…. an outcome we could predict, which gave him none of these.

For me, it’s easier to live with an unknown of possibility and opportunity, than a known of …. none.

Easier may not be the best word…. fulfilling, maybe…. purposeful, definitely…. connected, absolutely….

…. living out my reason for being on earth at this time… co-creating with a divine energy that beats my heart every moment and has plans laid within my cells that can only be touched by the same energy that brought it forth,,,

I’d rather live my life connected to this greater energy than live it any other way…. with it comes trust, surrender and contentment in the unknown.

We have worked with Niko every day of his life.

He turned 15 months yesterday, on the 15th.

Even after seeing how far he has come, I never really knew if he’d crawl.

His dad never gave it a second thought.

Being entrenched in the day-to-day, moment-to-moment, I never really embraced the idea that he would… I figured we would just keep doing what we are doing and give him the opportunities to play and grow.

But, after 14 months of on the ground training….

…Niko crawled.

Niko crawling
Working with his PT, Lori, and rocking floor time… serious face during trying big things.
Niko crawling
After folding laundry, I stepped out of the room for a minute. When I came back, I had to look around for him!


Now he isn’t on the move all the time… I can still trust that he will stay in one area and play with his toys…. but he was pretty quick in the picture above… he saw something he wanted and went for it!

Along with moving around on the floor a lot more, he is also doing things while sitting up.

He is reaching and twisting around, and doing a little bit of scooting.

He’s rolling over a lot more from his back to his belly.

We are regularly swinging him and pushing him back and forth on a skateboard to get loads of vestibular activity.

I’ve started putting him in a laundry basket while he is in the bathtub, and he has started to pull up on the sides to reach something in front of him.

He is so strong!

He signs “More”, “All Done”, “Please” and waves “Hi” and “Bye”.

He still likes saying “Dadda” and even says “Dadda” in a funny voice when I tell him to say, “Mama”.

He likes to scream loudly with all the other kids. He loves watching them and gets excited to play along.

Niko Zip Zac

He’s getting around a little bit better in his Zip Zac, still favoring his left arm to push.

He is spending a lot of time doing donuts!

…. we are thankful for the continued adventure… learning, growing, discovering, staying present, and spending time together.


Thank you for reading and have a great week!



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