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A New Moon Monday Turned Miraculous

Yesterday was a miracle… really.

It started out a little wonky.

We celebrated Truly’s 2nd birthday with a family party on Sunday.

We had a blast. It was a wonderful celebration.

As the night approached, Charlie (my 8 year old), was complaining about her feet and leg hurting her. We attributed it to growing pains. We attributed it to baton and dance class because is using new muscles and learning new moves.

She threw a headache into the mix.

I believed it was all of the above, but still, she had me concerned. I put a heating pad on her feet and it helped. I gave her a pain reliever.

Theo (my 5 year old) passed out early and slept the whole night!

Charlie woke in the middle of the night, moaning and so I slept in her bed with her. This seemed to help a lot. I prayed and prayed and asked Jesus to bless her body and help her mind release attachment to her past Strep infection episodes so she can believe that she is fully healthy.

Yesterday morning, she woke up still complaining. We weren’t sure what to do. Every time she has been sick, it’s been on a Monday morning. Hey, Mondays are tough for everyone. We understand.

This is the point as a parent when you aren’t sure what to do. You look for signs that they are not as bad as they appear to be… like her asking for Daddy’s boot that he wears when he has a gout flare up (which he had recently)…. and you try to make a decision before we have to leave for the bus.

Daddy told her that we were going to go out to eat for dinner… she’d have to be able to walk by then. We asked her to try and go to school and see how it goes.

Of course we were late for the bus so I drove them to school. Since I drop them off at 2 different schools, and we are about 15 minutes away, it was over 45 minutes for me. It’s not that bad I tell myself. It was actually nice to spend that time with them in the car in the morning. I’d love to drive them to school more.

I came home and decided that even though I was a little behind, I’d like to go to the gym. There is a time frame because their daycare is only open until 11:30.  I hurriedly got dressed, ate, fed and changed the baby (yes, she is still my baby even though she is 2 now!), and got our things ready.

Sean calls me at this point and says he broke down and I would have to come get him. It wasn’t too far from our house but it was on the highway, off to the side.

Deep sighs…

We pick him up and drive him to to the store to buy oil and we drive him back to his vehicle.

All is good and we drive off!

I stop back at home to finish a few things and shortly after, in bursts Sean…Ahh, I scream!

“I’ve been trying to call you…. you have to take me to the repair shop, there is something wrong.”

Deep sigh…

We load up and drive to our repair shop which is near our house, thank the Lord.

While I wait, I decide to call Charlie’s school to check in on her. She hasn’t been to the nurse yet so that’s a good sign.

We drive Sean back home. Thank God he has his truck. He has been praying for that truck to come and now it’s here and just when he needs it.

And I need it, too, because I am antsy to go to the gym.

Truly and I, with her balloon in hand this whole time, are off to the gym.

We pull in at 11:05.

I go to drop her off and she wants “milky.”

“Now? Today?”

Of course… it’s been a busy and energy filled past day in a morning!

About a minute later, she is ready to go.

15 minutes of cardio and we are back together.

We actually do some yoga upstairs together.

Truly has down ward dog down pat.

We come home, eat lunch and she goes down for a nap.

I feel peace setting in.

In preparation for the new moon, I write…

I pray and gather my thoughts and clarify my place.

My essence is glorious.

I anticipate the kids coming home, bursting through the door when they do and it’s always a crap shoot. I meditate, I surround them with love and light, I marinate our home in good vibes, and I will admit…. my efforts are met with resistance on a regular basis. The fighting, the whining, it all bubbles over until someone asks, “What’s for dinner” and by this point, they can cook for themselves because

I provide snack….not always.

I give presence…not always.

I listen….not always.

I try my best…. not always.

On my heart and soul, I bless our family and my kids, I pray for my highest self to manifest so I may be the best serving self I can be… I pray that I may be present with my kids for who they are in this moment, and cultivate within them a sense of love, worth and being….

It is my deepest desire that they make manifest their highest serving selves, that they feel inspired to use their gifts and talents to serve the world. That we may channel our energy to love, laugh, have fun, experience joy and use our emotional intelligence to raise the vibration of our own souls and the souls of others.

May they get better at what they are great at and let their hearts not be troubled at the things they struggle with. May they hold dear the light in their hearts and feel the warmth of it even when it may feel dim.

And yesterday…. as Sean and I were ready to see how Charlie came off the bus, whether she was limping or not…. I was ready for whatever was about to walk in the door.

And in they came. Smiling…ready…excited.

No limping…. only love.

We set plans in motion to go out to dinner that night.

This would mean that we were skipping two things this Monday night.

Girl Scouts for Charlie and Faith First for Theo.

Girl Scouts is every two weeks and it’s an hour long. Since it’s at the school, it doesn’t make sense for me to drive their and come back. I either go to the store or sit in my car and read.

Either way, it creates discord because Theo has been going to Faith First every Monday. My sister in law takes him. Charlie made her first holy communion last year and will attend classes when she doesn’t have Girl Scouts.

Every Monday, Theo complains about class. So last week, I decided to go with him. I dropped Charlie off in her class and sat with Theo (and Truly), while he attended an hour in 15 minute class.

I must admit.

It was quite boring.

And I LOVE religion.

I LOVE stories from the Bible.

I desire for Theo to have a spiritual conversation with someone other me and his dad.

But he wasn’t having it here… not really.

Think back to CCD, for all you Catholics out there.

My aunt taught CCD….

I should teach CCD….

So, for the first Monday since the beginning of the year, we didn’t talk about Faith First class.

We didn’t go to class, and we didn’t go to Girl Scouts.

And do you know what?


There was no fighting…. I went upstairs to take a bath and get ready to go out to eat and

They played games. They worked it out.

Somehow the pressure had been alleviated.

Now. I did preface my going upstairs with: Theo, I really want you to go out to dinner with us. If you hit your sister, we will have to take you to Nonni’s house and you won’t be able to join us. Do you believe me?” Yes, he said.

“Charlie…. please, can you muster all things within your being to help your brother with this task?”

Yes, she said…

And she did

And he did.

And when Sean came home in time for us to leave, there was nothing left for me to say except, “The kids were angels…. seriously!”

Bursts of energy…. everyone was so excited!

We all got ready…

We put on necklaces….

…Our hair got gel-ed…

There was something in the air.

We were ready….and willing.

Dinner went well! The kids took turns playing on games at the table, but they shared. And that is more than they have done in the past.

We had much to celebrate: Truly turning 2, Theo getting a stripe in Taekwondo, and Charlie getting every word right on her Spelling test. (She has been struggling Spelling since last year and I admire her persistence, even though it has been torturous for all of us).

We came home, got on jammies and had an ice cream party with left over ice cream from Truly’s party.

We even soaked Theo’s feet in a warm mix of apple cider vinegar and Himalayan sea salt because I noticed he may actually have a little athlete’s foot!

Theo and Mama

This picture sums it up…


…and I am carrying this spirit with me now.

Although I completely fell asleep during my New Moon meditation last night,

I am filled with such joy and peace that I saw a glimmer of what is possible.

How a day can go all over the place and end with joyous presence.

Thank you, God…. thank you for revealing to me a glimmer of your greatness… I see it in my kids every day and this day felt like a was let into the looking glass…. like I was let in on a secret…. of miracles… of truth…. and love. Like it was here all along… because it was.

I feel spirit with me now and even yesterday I was wondering if my Pappy was with me in a stronger way than before.

My prayer for everyone is that whatever is on your heart… keep it there.

He hears your prayers and wants you to keep saying them. Sit in silence regularly and allow guidance to be given. Be willing to receive. Get chills. That means your’re on to something.

God bless.





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