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What are you ready to clear this New Moon?

The New Moon in Aquarius is upon us. tonight.

What are you ready to clear for good this time?

I wish it were that easy… some might say that it is.

Just when I think I have moved past a particular area of myself, the ego rears its ugly head and said, “We are not finished yet!”

The unloved cries for love.

Can you relate?

For me, it’s about control. Control of outcomes. Control of my surroundings. Control of time.

I’d love to just be twirling around my vortex all day, everyday, and have all my stars align, every time. All the time.

Hay House Radio was replaying a session with Abraham Hicks, where Abraham reassured a mother that her discomfort with being not in alignment, was due to her expansion and true alignment with feeling good. The more we learn, the more we wake up, the harder it becomes to be out of alignment… there is no going back to sleep, no matter how much we wish we could just for one minute.

We get so upset with being out of alignment because it’s in discord with our divinity. God doesn’t feel that way about us and that’s how we know this information is false. Because it doesn’t make us feel good.

Being right can feel good, though, so sometimes we will convince ourselves that we are right in our discomfort because it feels better than feeling broken.

I have a great vision in my head…. I haven’t caught up to where I see myself… so that doesn’t feel good at all. And not only do I have a vision, I am compelled to act certain ways because I think I know what it should look like.

And when it doesn’t look like that, I will spend every breath I have, forcing it into place. This forcing can come in the way of guilt, guilting myself or my kids… it can look like blame, it can look like a negative tone or a negative perspective.

Do you like to try and figure things out? Will you ruminate over the same situation, fivorously searching for some rhyme, reason, direction or insight?

The answer is in here, my dear…. it’s within…

The chase must come to an end.

You won’t find what you’re looking for out there, no matter How inticing it may seem. You’re the mom, you are the leader and you do maintain an element of control.

But not of most things! It’s uncomfortable… let’s ease the discomfort in remembering that you’re not alone. It feels that way because you’d rather feel alone than feel like you were not alone at one point and then you were forsaken. Being left feels worse than starting out alone.

If we were alone to begin with, it makes more sense that we feel alone now.

If we weren’t alone from the beginning and we were left, then we must have deserved it… there must be something wrong with us. We must not be fixable.

And therein lies the element of control.

We hate feeling all the unpredictability because of lack of security. We want to feel safe and secure. We want to have some sort of certainty… in a world of uncertainty.

Perhaps as we grow, we become more settled into this sense of uncertainty.

From a spiritual perspective, we know that all the magic happens in the unknown.

Quantum physics tells us about the totality of possibility.

It’s not just a figment of our imagination or some feel good tale….

Quite literally, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

If we believe in this…and there are MANY who whole heartedly believe in this so lean on their faith if you can’t find yours….

If we believe in this, than we can begin to marvel at the unknown rather than do battle with it.

We can lean into the discomfort rather than fight it.

We can believe that an answer far greater than we can imagine is aligning with our highest good…and we are ready to receive guidance….show up to our assignments.

Words from A Course in Miracles, given to me by Gabrielle Bernstein, are:

Those who are certain of the outcome

“Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety”.

This kept me going through my last weeks…and days… of being pregnant with my youngest baby… who just turned 2 this week!

This means we must believe that we are divine… that we are here for a purpose… that we are co-creating our reality with a Source far greater than we can imagine.

That we are loved…. that we are deserving… that we are enough.

Our outcome is already taken care of for us, as we are invited to be ready… willing…and available.

Are we willing to be certain in uncertain times?

Are we willing to be uncertain…. and jump into the unknown?

There is certainty in knowing that we don’t know what we don’t know.

None of us do.

No one knows the future.

We only know the present.

And just like we know that baby will come…. we must have the same sense of certainty in knowing that we are here for a reason….and it’s being fulfilled.

The New Moon

Tonight is the new moon and it is a time to get clear what has got to go…. and get clear on what we want.

New Moon rituals, sure… let’s do them.

The point is to make note of what can go and then spend the next two weeks living our authentic desires, so when the full moon arrives, we can release our wants for manifestation and deliverance.

I am ready to release my attachment to what things are supposed to look like….and I am ready to release my discomfort with discomfort.

It’s not even so much the fear of something bad happening, as much as it is just the fear of not knowing.

So I am ready to release my worrying… my fear of the unknown….my fear of not being able to physically actualize the ideas in my head of how I think my relationship with my kids should be… how I think they should act in this world…

My fear of judgements….judgements of myself and the ones I place on my kids.

I am ready to release all that which doesn’t serve me and I am ready to step into my truth.

My aliveness.

The moments I feel strong… centered and trusting.

I am ready to be without anxiety.


Are you ready to move through something that is no longer serving you? Are you ready to pray on your intention until the full moon? This is a great time to go over again your resistance and allow it to be with you in thoughts and prayers every day. Please share with me!

God bless.






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