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Good news, bad news and living in the moment

I love getting the newspaper in the morning.

It’s like a new book every day!

My little paperboy runs out and gets it….it’s a nice ritual.

Newspaper has a lot of uses, too.

It can soak up odors and spills…. and it does make cute wrapping paper.

I take it to the recycling bin every week.

Although I love reading the paper and enjoy being informed in a non-invasive (like news on tv) way about our local communities…

It’s fair to say that the news contains a lot of bad news….

It’s really no more than negative articles posted to social media, but it can, consciously or unconsciously, take a toll on a person.

It’s hard enough to keep our vibrations high, without the added weight of constant bad news.

Some may say “Just stop reading the paper!”

I just might stop reading the paper, if it actually did accomplish what I wanted: a better world and a peace of mind.

Not reading the paper doesn’t stop the mind…. the mind will find other things to worry about…. it is just what it does.

When we stop reading the paper, bad stuff doesn’t just stop happening.

The circumstances around us are not unlike the people around us. If surrounding yourself with positive people will raise your vibration, and negative people will bring you down, then we really do intend to keep positive company.

There will always be those people that we must be around, who are negative. It’s a given. We must learn to do our own work so they won’t trigger us and we can be the light that we all need.

This is the same with bad news. It’ll always be there.

And for me, turning an eye isn’t solving anything….it’s not making me better and it’s not holding space for me to be of highest service.

I have learned to embrace the news and allow it to move through me…. give me insight into a greater purpose.

The public eye

My husband is running for state representative, we have to read the news! Sean wants to represent our community. He wants to be of service. We must take the good with the bad. We take it all for what it is and cultivate an environment where we can be better in order to provide. And allow ourselves to be changed in the process.

What does hospice and grief have to do with it?

I also write for a hospice. Part of what hospice does is provide grief support. I find my job to be a balancing act between celebrating life and death, and allowing the space for grief and pain…it has been a very rewarding journey so far, as I am able to interpret these important issues to better understand how it relates to us all…. not just what people think when hearing the word hospice.

In the moment mama

I am sure I have been described as dramatic…. but I have always been the kind to be….in the moment…. as I look back on random moments in my life, I laughed hard, cried hard, and had a ton of fun….when I was happy, I was having the time of my life…when I was sad, all the world was going to end…. I always brought my authentic self to the table.
I relished the moment….
Once you have kids, this fear factor really seems to spring forward…. the mind almost turns against you…thinking of all the things you haven’t done, aren’t doing, and all the things that can go wrong….
….it’s awful…
so you may say that living in the moment becomes awful sometimes…
When I prayed….I prayed hard…
…when I asked for help….I meant it with my entire soul….
All that changed when I made the decision to live a conscious life.
I now know that my power lies in the present…. we’ve had it along…. the present is actually all we really have.
So although I still let my mind do its negative thing, creating scenarios that do not exist, worrying about a future that has yet to occur…. I have found a way to allow myself to exist, amidst what we…what I… perceive to be chaos…
I was writing a blog post for my hospice and the nature was heavy… Sean came home and said, “What are you writing about that for?”
I am writing because not writing about it doesn’t change that it exists…. it only allows me to create a space for it to be…. it allows my body to a vessel, to process, interpret and share information…. life situations that are real…. it’s not always positive, but it’s in my moment…
And my intention is to live in the moment...
My intention is to be less quick to anger and live fully in my moments. Some moments are tougher to get through than others. Some feel overwhelming…some feel full of anger and sadness…. but being available to these emotions will separate them from who I am…who we all are… which is peace and love… spiritual beings having a human experience.
Charlie and Theo are playing with each other so nicely right now. Truly was eating her butternut squash and I just put her in her jumpy.
I am honored to be given this opportunity to love my children so much….and give them a place to learn and feel safe.
Oh wait….Charlie just whined real loudly about something… oh, they are coming over here…. what was I saying?


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