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When to Put Positivity on the Shelf

This came up today in an audio I was listening to…

I just had an experience with this concept over the past weekend. This particular morning I had been experiencing tension with the kids… what would later occur would be a defining moment in my energy shift… teaching me invaluable lessons and really breaking my habits to rebuild anew…

As I was releasing, surrendering and allowing myself to just be, however that looked, I gave my husband the impression that I was sad…like something was wrong… I was “in a funk”….

He mentioned something about being positive and I quickly quipped back, “How’s that working for me?”

I said this in a characteristically sarcastic tone…. however, was I being sarcastic?

No, I was being truthful! He interpreted my tone as negative and questioned me further about my state of mind.

I reassured him,

“Seriously, how is that working for me?”

I began exploring the tendency I have to just be happy… we know what to do to “get out of a funk”… we take a walk, get some fresh air, listen to music we like, take a bath, take a breathe, call a friend, whatever the remedies may be… we know the importance of these tools to get ourselves back on the positive mindset track.

I began implying that I decide to just be without changing my course…. I choose to feel my pain, my sadness, my guilt, my anger…. I choose to release this… I am willing to release this…. A huge tool for me in these moments was an “I am” affirmation…. I felt compelled to be where I was… in my home, with my children, amidst chaos…. I felt compelled to release pain right there and then and stay there until I was able to re-calibrate my energy amid the other energies that were swirling around me… my children…

I chose to put my positivity on the shelf

It’s important to recognize our feelings, our fears, doubts, worries, frustrations… and validate these emotions without covering it up with a happy face… burying the hurt with shovels of positive thoughts….

We must grieve and allow ourselves to be in these moments…choose to release… over and over again… and peace will come… and we can once again choose to be happy now.


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