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I’m Not Into Material Things + Gabby is a Spiritual Girl in a Material World

Hi Gabby!

She hits the spot…again

I just said to Sean the other day, “You know, I have always thought that I’m not into material things, like, I don’t need them…I realize that I would rather have a few quality, nice items, then have a bunch of crap…”

I have always thoughts of myself as simple…. I do not need material items to make me happy…I love a good hand-me-down and I don’t mind wearing the same thing over and over.

Recently, I have been guided to have a different thought… a thought I have always had deep within, just wasn’t sure how to manifest it…

“They don’t make stuff like they used to…” Our great-grandfathers had one belt, one suit and one pair of shoes… and one hat… I love that! How sustainable! Nowadays, if you paid the same equivalent price for the belt your great-grandfather bought, it would cost twice as much as be half the quality…

There are belts on every corner now and many things are not built to last. Things can be made so cheaply now, it’s easy to spend very little on something that is of very little quality, but it does get the job done for a little while.

I think I’d rather have one belt, one suit and one pair of shoes… rather than thinking I’m not in material things, I believe that what I’m into is quality things…. and really loving the things I have…

When I had this new thought with Sean, I called myself to massive action and cleaned out my closet… I made room for the new boots I would like… More on that in a future blog!

So, going back to Gabby’s video, I’m reminded that the new thought I was guided towards, about thinking I wasn’t into material things, has transformed into my new thought: I appreciate material things.

If my intention is to feel good now, choosing happiness now, that would guide me to choose clothes, shoes, a purse, jewelry…things that make me feel good.

I realize the energy that comes from high quality items… the energy that went into that item…. the vision… before the item was even created…. it was made from nothing and now it’s here…with me…

I decide that for me, I want to love the things I have…. if this means I have fewer things, of higher quality, that mean more… that’s what those items may be…

Now am I relying on these material items to make me happy? *&^% no! That’s my point… I’m not into material things for my own happiness, which is a place I think many people find themselves in.

I choose happiness now and allow material items to express my inner joy and abundance… I invite them to compliment my peace and welcome their energy.

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