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Intention + Advice: I can’t find a job and my rent is due

I love the word intention!

Since the start of my spiritual path, I have been introduced to a variety of beautiful and powerful words… a new language I like to see it…. intention…

Thoughts are everything and words parallel… Back in the day (aka, 2012!), I may have used words like:
worry    help   try    maybe   no   control   give up   quit   blame  enter numerous other negative words

A young counselor I visited about a year ago, put things into perspective as he introduced me to intention. I told him I was controlling… He said,

“I don’t think you are controlling…. I think you are intentional…”

Why, yes! I am intentional! What a beautiful description!

See the difference there? The negative feelings I get from the word controlling vs the word intentional…

Michael Bernard Beckwith said today on his Hay House Radio Show,

“Create an intention…. this forms the arc of our tendencies”

When we set an intention, we are pulled into the direction of its flow… of its path… we are guided towards that direction… and it’s a totally positive mindset…. it has clarity and power.

Answer to a Caller – “I have no job and the rent is due”

The caller said to Michael, “I am very qualified but I cannot find a job… I have cut it close in the past before but I am cutting it very close this time. The rent is due and I do not know what to do… “

Michael’s advise to her was to:

1.) Release the anxiety and be abundant

“Cultivate the feeling and tone of your need being met” Michael says…

We must release our negative feelings, anxiety and worry and feel what it would feel like to have our needs met. Marianne Williamson says, “Be the energy of abundance.”

2.) Look in your life for all the people who are prosperous

Look for people in your life, as Michael says it will be more real to you if you think about people you know. He tells us,

“It [prosperity] must be in you because you only notice it in others if you have it within yourself…this is how you know you already have…”

Celebrate the prosperity within them and “turn the mirror on our own soul,” Michael says.

3.) Give one day a week

Serve others, volunteer like it’s your job. “The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference” says Michael and it will open up opportunities to expand your service and prosperity.

Michael also used another word I love, which is surrender

“Surrendering is not touched by worldly beliefs”

My intention is to share what inspires me with you! If you like these topics, please share with those you think would enjoy and find benefit.

3 thoughts on “Intention + Advice: I can’t find a job and my rent is due

  1. I absolutely LOVE this! It won't let me comment on facebook since we aren't friends, but Ash Comer shared this today and as a writer and sometimes crazy but well-meaning chica, I love this blog!!!

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