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How to Handle Negative People

How can we handle the negative people and situations in our lives?

The first step is to acknowledge that we want it to change!

It’s so awesome….although we cannot change other people, we can change ourselves….

And this will allow for all new relationship dynamics to occur!

It’s very easy to get caught up in the negativity and blame the other person for putting their crap all over us…

This may be true…but we still need to look inward and allow ourselves to address whatever negative things we have going on that feeds this negative relationship/situation

Being Willing to Release the Negativity…is Being Half Way There

We hold onto these negative relationships and conversations…for a variety of reasons.

Give yourself permission for things to be different… you seriously do not have to live with negative relationships…. you have the opportunity to take personal responsibility for your own thoughts…and your own energy…

And even in your silence, you can extend the necessary energy to any situation and see the difference…

As you release yourself from your negative thoughts, you are giving others permission to do the same… and you will see a difference.

It may not be right away, but you will see a change…

– Be willing to release
– Allow for the yourself to see things differently… allow things to actually be differently
– Bless the other person

You can check out Gabby’s video HERE on how she handles negative people.

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