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28 Days of Thanks: Day 18 – A Daily Indulgence + pregnant woman talks coffee

What is my daily indulgence during this 28 days of thanks?

A cup of coffee, of course!
Yes, this 6-month pregnant woman talks coffee
I started drinking coffee after Charlie was born… it took awhile to really acquire a taste for it, but I liked its warmth and the added boost I felt it gave.
Since then, I’d go through spurts of drinking a cup of coffee/day, either at home or from a coffee shop.
When Sean and I underwent our cleanse at the beginning of this year, we were required to eliminate coffee…and switch to green tea.
Most recently I have switched to green tea, motivated greatly by its warmth and anti-oxidants…
Coffee can be an addiction, like anything else, and I certainly do not want to feel like I need it…
Something I do believe about coffee, and any stimulant for that matter…whether it be chocolate or soda with caffeine in it…. 
If you are anxious….if you suffer from anxiety and stress…. and you sincerely want to make a change…. giving up the stimulants may be really beneficial…
even if it’s for a little while…giving it at least a few days so your body can adjust….
Gabby has recently given up sugar…all kinds of sugar! Which is another addiction that she speaks about a lot…based on her own experience with food addiction… Her lecture ‘Finally Full’ is an indepth look at the hows and why of our relationship to food and how we can begin to break the patterns…
I see coffee as a treat, something I can look forward to and really be present in the moment when I’m enjoying it… 
Intention…. focus and appreciation….
Pretty much if it’s not water, fruits or vegetables…. we must watch how much we consume of anything in a mindless way….
Gabby says that it took her years to get off coffee for good…and she says that she has never felt better, has never had as much energy throughout the day….
One the other hand, The Bulletproof Executive promotes coffee as a great tool to maximize our brain and mind efforts… as long as it’s GOOD coffee, and he recommends a high-grade, high octane brand….

Pregnant and a daily indulgence of coffee

Anything that crosses the placenta, the baby absorbs…. this is a fact…

How every Mama processes food and how every baby absorbs food, it not known… Every woman, her body and her baby is so different and how most conclusions are made….are based on a majority…an overall…

How we view our habits and addictions to food and or activities is what really matters…if you feel good and your heart is telling you that all is good in the hood….then it probably is…

If your heart is telling you that you may want to lay off of the Diet Coke, then maybe it’s time to make a different choice…

And release the guilt…. let’s all release the guilt of making choices that may not be the healthiest option for us….

That’s the bitter sweetness of 2013…. we have so much information, we are bound to make comparisons between what we do and what experts say…and what that wonder woman/man does to be so young and healthy…

Make a choice that is best for you….what is your guiding system telling you…be brave and take action…. every moment is our opportunity to experiment with our thoughts and our choices….

And if it doesn’t work….make another choice!

Cheap Coffee and Enemas

Cheap coffee with low-grade ingredients vs a rich coffee bean that was just picked from the organic grounds and shipped right to your door? Obviously there is a difference….

The Gerson Miracle includes routine coffee enemas in their program to cure cancer! Now that’s got to be some high grade coffee!

Reality is based on perceptions and experience and I am a happy believer in intention…. what is the intention? What is your belief?

What is our heart telling us?

If our intention is to be true and in the moment…. we can have whatever daily indulgence we want!!

And if we want to be guided to a better us…. we will be guided… our indulgences will change and our habits will, as well….

If our intention is to proceed in the direction of our happiness….our truth…. we will find our way there.

And there just might be a cup of amazing coffee waiting for us! Mmmmm…….I’m sure it’s heavenly….

If you like, share! And subscribe to the right…Be intentional and grateful for your daily indulgence, today!

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