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Prayer + What to do when we aren’t getting what we thought we would

Prayer and what it can mean

Napoleon Hill tells us we should be in constant prayer throughout the day.

This doesn’t mean we should be worrying all day…much the opposite.

Worrying is a prayer for chaos

Prayer can allow us to be in a constant state of meditation that gives us the thought and energy to be what it is we want.

Prayer for me has always been a communication with God… I pray to and ask for help and guidance and peace…

There are moments of desperate prayer… please, God, help me….

And moments of thankful prayer….thank you, Lord, for all the beautiful things you have given to us…

Prayer can take us over

Michael Bernard Beckwith says that prayer can take us over and it’s how we can make decisions, and allow our guiding system to communicate with us.

Between small choices, like what to wear, and big choices, like a career move….we can put our faith and action in prayer….

And if we feel like we aren’t getting an answer, or things aren’t going like we thought they would…. we can rephrase our prayer…

And it goes like this…

What must I become to manifest this vision?

Michael Bernard Beckwith says the person who in that new relationship, is not the person who currently is…

Now, we change daily because when we do our work we are breaking our habits and rebuilding ourselves…

The person we were yesterday, is not the person we are today.

This is a beautiful prayer that we can say in order to open up our sense, our intuition and ability to see the vision that we want and how to get there…

Michael says that we will get some guidance and there will be growth and transformation.

Committing to a spiritual practice will ensure subtle shifts that truly make manifest and guide us to our happiness.

Have a beautiful day of miracles and blessings.

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