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Day 16 of 28 Days of Thanks: A Shining Moment

28 Days of Thanks: Gratitude for A Shining Moment

Anytime I acted on stage, it was a shining moment for me…. I have always loved performing…
Although I was lactating through my bra and had to go to the bathroom to express milk because I was out too late the night before… graduating college was a shining moment.
Birthing my children were shining moments…
I probably have to include my wedding ceremony as a shining moment, but I think the little moments we have together… the night we met and night of our first date…those were the real shining moments…
I think it’s safe to say that my greatest shining moments that I am super thankful for….are the moments my kids do nice things….when they do things that surprise me…. 
When they show love and gratitude…when they help each other without being asked…when they do anything without being asked….

Why my 28 days of thanks has so many shining moments

The 28 Days of Thanks fell right into alignment with my own evolution…. the evolution of my choices and thought…. 
the evolution of own moments… and my intention to make each of them shine…
…my intention to allow myself to shine through each of my moments….
My days are very different than they have been before…. and I’m interested in creating a routine that can be peaceful, spontaneous, fun and productive…
The capricorn in me defines my shining moments by how much I’ve accomplished…how much I’ve achieved..
I must remind myself that a happy moment, is one of accomplishment…a shining moment…

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