Louis CK tells it like it is…sadness is a gift

I have always loved Louis CK because he says all the things I’m really thinking… He’s extremely genuine and graciously authentic.
Louis CK was on Conan, check him out here.
He is awesome and I thank him for his work.

Louis CK and I agree on sadness

I am a firm believer in developing our relationship with our sadness…and our darkness… Our darkness is the part of us, our ego, that tells us we are not good enough, we are not validated, we are un-loved, and we must rely on the ego to even exist.

The ego is our fear-based thoughts, our “edging God out”.

Fear is merely:

  • False
  • Evidence
  • Appearing
  • Real

The only way we can grow and heal and do great and greater things…. is to shed light on the darkness… We must reveal to heal.

For my own personal journey, it’s only been through my acknowledgement about what my thoughts are in those moments of personal sadness that I’ve been able to grow and find peace.

Another really interesting thing about sadness and my persona relationship with it is I found myself feeling addicted to sadness… Thanks to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book: Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One


I learned about our addictions to our feelings. Just as some resort to food, alcohol and television, I found myself resorting to sadness… it’s only through my willingness to release my relationship with sadness that I’m able to find relief from its control! Holla!

More on Louis CK

Congratulations on his Emmy Nomination!

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