A meaning of I am a woman I’ve never known

Woman I Have Never Known

One interpretation of this can be that I haven’t met a woman like me…

I am unique, authentic and I am happy for this… proud even?
No….not really that….
…we are all authentic and unique and I did not mean this to be self-rightous….although I see the mis-interpretation…
I am not proud….I am grateful… I am not proud because I know there is more work to be done.
I am a woman I’ve never known: As these words echoed in my mind the other day, the truth of this matter, for me is:
I recognize in myself…parts of me…
…that I’ve never seen before…
They are mine…they are there…. but I was never willing to see them before…

I have given them permission to rise to the surface and blossom… permission to…


Are there parts of yourself that seem different, new?

Do you find yourself singing the Beauty and The Beast song,

“There’s something there that wasn’t there before…”

It’s a joyous adventure, a wonderland of sorts…we, the happy learners…

Blessings and love to all…

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