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Why Inspiration is so Imperative

Just because something hasn’t happened yet…. doesn’t mean it never will.

Why Inspiration is so Imperative

I hosted a girls empowerment workshop  this weekend, and the topic was ‘Creative Goal Setting.’

We made dream boards and discussed how the things we imagine can be aligned with inspired action. We moreso focused on how dreaming positive dreams is met with a willingness to accept positive things and experiences into our lives.

And although we want to focus on realistic goals, dreaming big includes positive thoughts, inspiration and expecting miracles.

We can oftentimes get discouraged when it comes to our goals. We can get even more discouraged by the mirage of negative thoughts that cross our pre-frontal cortex on a moment to moment basis.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Thoughts create vibration…. and vibration is everything.

Many times I don’t even realize how negative thoughts make me feel. We think we feel sick first and then a negative thought reinforces our sick feeling.

Consider the science that toxic worrying can lead to an increase of stomachaches on a weekly basis, tension and a lack of sleep.

We have negative thoughts, it upsets our gut, which leads to more negative thoughts, and it’s an endless cycle.

Negative thoughts actually do not make us feel good, so we perpetuate a negative vibration…even if it’s just slightly.

Worry is a prayer for chaos and it’s just not worth our time or energy.

Positive thoughts and inspiring words and visuals are not just ways in which we can escape reality and jump into a Pollyanna complex.

It’s a way for us to reinforce a belief that we carry that God is with us always, we are guided and protected, and the universe is working in our favor.

It’s a way to reinforce our beliefs that anything is possible… “the totality of possibility”, as Louise Hay puts it.

There are no limits in the quantum field and although we live in a human experience…

…. and are met with obstacles regularly…

Just because something hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it never will….

….it only means that it hasn’t happened yet.

At our workshop we read the story of Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female doctor. When only men were doctors, young Elizabeth shocked and confused men and women when she insisted on pursuing a career in medicine.

No one could figure out why in the world she would want to be a doctor.

Just like many other things in history….and in life…. it had never happened before.

So it was met with doubt and resistance.

…sound familiar?

Just as we hard on ourselves for not having accomplished a goal yet…. or not obtained a certain characteristic or behavior we have been working on, such as angering less or exercising regularly….

…or whatever it may be….

We are met by others…. and we meet ourselves, with doubt and resistance.

But just remind yourself, just as Elizabeth Blackwell, MD. reminds us… and everyone else that has done something that the world said could never be done…

that just because it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen.

…it just means it hasn’t happened yet.

God bless.

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