We are proud to offer a newly launched girl’s empowerment program called GiRLiFE.





Intuition and Finding Your Voice:


The girls will learn all about their own inner wisdom and how connecting and listening to their heart can get them to find creative solutions to their problems, keep them safe when they feel they might be in danger, and give them a feeling of confidence when making decisions.

They will create their own “Words of Wisdom” box so that they can nurture and access their own intuition regularly. By reading these cards out loud, they will be supported in achieving that feeling of confidence in their own beliefs and opinions and they will be reminded of just how special and powerful they are.

As always we will have our very own fruit & veggie bar where the kids will make their own healthy juice recipes. The girls know that being empowered requires nourishing their bodies from the inside out!!

Thank you so much for believing in this work and for exposing your daughters to the power that they each have within them to respond to all of life’s circumstances in an empowered and positive way.

  • Saturday, May 6, 2017
  • 1:30 – 3:30 pm
  • Girls Ages 8-10 (If you are interested in the program and your daughter is outside of this age range, please let me know!)
  • Cost: $20/person for this class
  • Please contact me at for registration or questions

This is a mind and body group for young girls that emphasizes principles of self-love, personal power and the beauty that comes from allowing your light to shine from within.

Through open dialogue, thought-provoking crafts and healthy nutrition projects, GiRLiFE Workshops create a safe space where girls can honor their individuality while embracing each-other’s

Core messages delivered in the GiRLiFE curriculum:

  • The thoughts we choose to feed our minds are the most powerful tools we have to live a happy and healthy life.
  • Girls who truly believe themselves and understand the influence of their own personal power, or happier, more confident, and experience peace in their lives and relationships.
  • The opportunities are truly endless for a young girl when she understands that she is capable of living a life beyond the limits of her imagination.

Children will walk away with:

  • A new set of like-minded friends
  • A craft to illustrate the workshop’s teachings
  • The opportunity to create a healthy organic juice to fuel their growing bodies
  • So much more!

Thank you for your confidence in this programming and for taking this step to creating a positive and bright future for the young girl in your life!

With love,

Nikki Watson,

GiRLiFE Facilitator

Subsequent Workshops

We will host a new workshop the first Saturday of every month at Oakmont Library.

Our final workshops will feature:


  • Saturday, June 3, 2017

*Part of the proceeds will be donated to Oakmont Library.

*Please let me know about any dietary restrictions or allergies and if there is any information you would like to share about your child before the workshop.