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Why Inspiration is so Imperative

Just because something hasn't happened yet.... doesn't mean it never will. Why Inspiration is so Imperative I hosted a girls empowerment workshop  this weekend, and the topic was 'Creative Goal Setting.' We made dream boards and discussed how the things we imagine can be aligned with inspired action. We moreso focused on how dreaming positive dreams… Continue reading Why Inspiration is so Imperative

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Tomorrowland + What hope is for

"There are two wolves. One represents darkness, fear, despair.... the other, represents  light, love and hope. When the two wolves fight, which one wins? The one you feed." *Spoiler alert* Tomorrowland is about imagination, adventure, and hope. It's the story of the future, and the present, and how our minds make a difference. A future-predicting… Continue reading Tomorrowland + What hope is for