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Will some people ever change?

We are making positive changes in our lives.

It’s not always easy, but we feel called to do it.

We aren’t exactly sure what we are doing, but forging ahead anyhow.

….and although we feel fear, sadness, and doubt…. we know it’s worth the journey and we must be willing to see things differently… we must be willing to let go of our limiting beliefs, and step into a new mindset that contributes to our lives in a positive way.

We may let go of the worry, anxiety, shame and guilt… and create a new experience that truly reflects who we truly are.

And then we get feedback from some people in our lives, that makes us question our new shift in perspective.

Their voice carries a negative, doubting, judgemental tone…

… “You’re talking about that?”….

… “You are really going to believe that?”…

… “Aren’t you worried about that?”…

…”Can you believe she said that?”…

… “You shouldn’t do that… or think that…. or be that…. or say that….”…

These people genuinely love us

Often times our family members are coming from a place of good intention.

They care for our well being, they want “what’s best for us”… whatever that may be, and most likely up for discussion…

When we start making changes that are being  noticed by others, it may cause some discomfort.

We may not be interested in doing the same activities, hanging out with the same friends, or talking about the same topics or have the same goals…and some will notice greatly.

The important thing is to remember that we are the creators of our lives… and although we love the people in our world, we must be the decider about what is in our best interest.

We don’t want to disappoint.

We don’t want to make others feel bad.

We feel guilty if we spend too  much time focusing on what we want, especially if it doesn’t align with what we believe others want from us.

This is all very normal and part of the process.

Sometimes we wonder if we will be on this path of change alone… and we wonder if the people we love, or the people we interact with will ever change?

The answer is: Maybe

They may very well change.

They may not change as quickly as you are changing, but may this perspective serve you.

If you acquire the belief that we are all energy, then we are all vibrating at a specific frequency, similar to the notes on an instrument.

According to the Law of Attraction, we are a vibrational match to people and experiences in our lives. So the best way to increase positivity in our experience, is to consciously raise our own vibration, so we attract those who reflect our peaceful, inner experience…. attract those who reflect our own higher thoughts and feelings.

“The philosophical and scientific basis for this Law of Vibration can be found in quantum physics and in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.  Energy is related to matter and the speed of Light.  This is Einstein’s famous E = mc2 equation.

When two frequencies are brought together, the lower will always rise to meet the higher.  This is the principle of resonance.  So, when a piano is tuned, a tuning fork is struck, and then brought close to the piano string that carries that same musical tone.  The string then raises its vibration automatically and attunes itself to the same rate at which the fork is vibrating.”- The Awakening

What this means is that by cleaning up our own vibration…. our thoughts, our feelings, our own experience… we will, bound by the laws of this world, attract those who reflect that work.

So you will notice that as you create more awareness of these things in your life, over time, others will either rise to your experience, or they will move out of your experience.

You’ll notice that they don’t say as many negative things anymore… they either start calling you less or show up less in your life.

This is a great thing if we are talking about co-worker you aren’t too fond of… or old friends that you really don’t resonate with anymore.

But what if they are your beloved family members?

I can’t really explain it, but people will rise to the occasion. They will start asking you questions in a curious way, rather than a judgemental way.

They will start to soften a bit.

And others may get very angry.

You may bring out feelings within them that they aren’t ready for yet.

And that’s ok.

We aren’t helping anyone by staying in our own pain and suffering.

The more we are willing to move through our struggles, the more we inspire others to do the same.

3 ways we can apply these teachings to our lives

1.) Don’t take things personally

Learn from the experience whatever you want… be curious about the emotions it is bringing up in. Don’t, however, let others’ opinions of you or your life get to your heart. Recognize that you will do you. And no one has to agree with it. No one lives our lives but us. It’s ok if they don’t understand or agree. They are on their own path of understanding.

2.) Stay focused on the work

We fall off the horse of awareness and connectedness, and we just get right back on. These relationships may be distractions from what’s really going on within us, and it’s a reminder to go inwards. Get connected with the divine energy within and continue to be curious about the thoughts and emotions we carry. Be willing to let the emotion be whatever it is… and be willing to let it go from your being. Be willing to dive deeper than just surface level thoughts and feelings to the root of the issue. Work there… love and accept ourselves in our open wound. We aren’t wrong… we aren’t unworthy. May we forgive ourselves and love ourselves, even where we struggle.

3.) Hold a vision of what you pray for them

The best we can do is envision those in our lives at their highest, best, most loving selves. We cannot pray for another without receiving the same blessing. Marianne Williamson taught me that.

The best we can do is, whenever we think of that person, we can wish for them, the same peace and happiness we wish for ourselves.

I will admit that you may notice an element here where we have to get angry before we start blessing others. If we feel anger about a person’s behavior or conversation with us… if we feel mistreated or betrayed… it’s important to have awareness about those feelings, and not sugar coat them with light.

This may be part of your process, where you journal or record your feelings… express yourself however it comes up. And when it feels right to you, be willing to let these feelings go back into the earth, to be recycled…. give them to God and ask for the release of them, so you can step fully into your most loving, powerful self.

Thank you and have a beautiful week.

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