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Mother Mary and the Immaculate Conception

Mother Mary

In celebration of the Immaculate Conception today…

“On the inner level, Mary is constantly nurturing and tutoring our souls to develop our inner Christ. Just as she is the Mother of Jesus, she is also our Mother and we are her children of the Sun. Through her heart we learn the path of self mastery on the seven rays of the Holy Spirit” – Sacred Wind

Call upon Mary for help

Earlier this year, I received guidance from a few sources to reach out to Mother Mary. Until then, I knew her as Jesus’ mother. Recently I have learned her to be an Ascended Master, worldly representative of the Divine Feminine and a true woman of faith.

Building a relationship with Mother Mary has given me faith in myself as a woman and a mother. By connecting with her journey as Jesus’ mother, I see her as not just a character in one of the greatest stories ever told, but as a real woman who walked a road that was not free from pain.

As I look into the eyes of my own son, and feel his triumphs and struggles, I remember the love and suffering Mary felt as she shifted her way through parenting the Son of God.

Her fear, doubt and worry parallels my own and I can turn to her for companionship and guidance, faith and love.

Leadership and grace: Service and Compassion.

I lean on her wisdom, her courage and her strength.

Celebration of all women

This is an important time to honor Mary, and to honor all women. To give love to the womb, a sacred place that gives life…. to the human form, to an idea…

…to a self expression that transforms the world.





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