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The Clarity Chart + Bravery of course

The Clarity Chart, by Brendon Burchard:

This was a helpful exercise for me to chisel down to the nitty gritty of how I define myself and my life: What I want and who I am.

Self: 3 words to define the best of who I am and that will be used to guide my personal life, including my thoughts and actions, including their reason and importance:

  • Loving : It’s my authentic self – it  will help heal the world and bring peace, allow peace
  • Whole : I am reminded that which I am
  • Brave : There will be fear. And their will be love.

Bravery is the byproduct of recognizing fear as a gift. As long as there is fear, there is love. Bravery is remembering the love.

For me, bravery is the shift. It’s the  miracle.

Interactions: 3 words that will now define and guide how I will engage and treat others whom I meet in life, including my loved ones and strangers, including their reason and importance.

  • Compassion : It encompasses love, oneness, forgiveness, treat others how you want to be treated; a channel of peace
  • Care : Service, how can I help
  • Vulnerable : What can I learn from you? How can I honor my energy, my soul…and also honor yours.

Success Marker: 3 words that will now remind me of what it is that made me the most successful and will make me successful even more including their reason and importance.

  • Compassion : This means I have enough love for myself and I am able to offer that to others
  • Joy : I am having fun…I am in alignment and feel good
  • Inspired : Creativity and self expression is an important form of self care.

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