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How to relieve our worry because we call it out for what it is

“The hormones of stress cause us to select the worst-case scenario in some future and begin to emotionally brace ourselves for that event, in order to protect ourselves from that outcome. Now the problem with that is that out of the infinite potentials in the quantum field, we are selecting the worst possible outcome and emotionally embracing it.” – Dr. Joe dispenza

Being a Parent Makes Me a “Worst-Case Scenario” Maniac

I don’t remember being this way when I was younger…
In fact, I remember very little before I was a parent… my brain…
Actually, now that I think about it…

I can hear myself saying this, 

“Expect the best, be prepared for the worst.”

Now, some adult, somewhere, taught me this phrase. No child would think of this on their own! I can actually see my younger self laughing as I said this.

If only she knew….

The fear and anxiety that come with being a parent. For me, it’s debilitating.

After a recent bought of physical non-health, a couple days of not feeling like myself, I recognized how out of alighnment my thoughts had become. Instead of having a negative thought less of the time, I listened in on the overwhelming running tapestry of negative thoughts….

….Fearful thoughts…

….Worst-case scenarios…

…bracing myself for the outcomes…

This is no way to live….and manifestation in the wrong direction.

What Dr. Joe Reminded me

We are human. We are a product of our environment, of stress, of our experiences. No matter how much we have learned and how much work we have done, in times of stress, we can revert back to our old ways… although we are not actually moving backwards, rather our ego is getting desparate. Our old thoughts start coming back and run rampant. Before we know it, we are about to pass out in the security line of an airport and completely forgot to honor the fear that got us there in the first place.

Where I have been habitually releasing my fear, because I do not want to have fearful thoughts and anixety and stress, I rememember I need to honor my fear. Show it love and kindness.

Dr. Joe reminded me that it’s ok and natural and human of me to “select the worst-case scenario and emotionally brace myself” for it.

This is exactly what I have been doing. There is a difference between letting worst-case scenarios play out in the mind with the intention of exloration and lighting up the darkness, and letting them lock us in a prison of torture, stress and anxiety. Am I not deserving of a good life? Another topic for another day….

I realized that I had lost faith…. faith, belief and trust. I was tetering between feeling great and pushing my negative thoughtts to a place where they couldn’t breathe… although that is the idea and the point, I believe there is a point where we must nurture our fears and breathe into them , even if you are tired of having them… ready and willing to release them… releasing them because you don’t want them, but also loving the part of you in which they live…

Dr. Joe says “matter can’t change matter.”

You can’t thnink your way out of fear. Well, you can, but you have to feel your way out of it first.

I am working on sitting in my fear, as much as I sit in my sadness. If I am scared, may I be scared. It is tough for parents to be scared, we must put on  brave face for our kids. I am learning what my fear feels like, and the sensation of being terrified. Loss, pain, disappointment….these scare the hell out of me more than any horror movie… any yet… none are real….somewhat reassuring.



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