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Yes, it does make a difference

This life…this love…what does it mean and why are we here…

Consciousness has been an effort…a choice…a calling…a committment.

That which we see in each other is our own reflection, lighting our path…

…welcoming our shadow, with love and open arms.

But not always.

The fear and doubt. There are parts of ourselves that are painful. They are presented to us through others and we are so terrified of them, we continue to disown them in our loved ones. We reject…and continue to…un-love.

Love with condition…

Our expansion proceeds and we are left dusty and alone with ourselves…. sitting in our own shadow, as we see others so clearly.

Sometimes we see that we are allowed to love ourselves. Other times, we feel un-deserving of our own love.

We are always deserving though never entitled

We are always deserving of love.

We were born to be.

Though entitlement may be defined as the belief in deserving… it holds the vibration of having special privilages…of separation…for one to be entitled, means another is not.

Exclusive…rather than deserving, which is all-inclusive.

Abundance –> Deserving

Lack –> Entitlement

Release for the Full Moon

Full Moon

The energy is deep, rich and pulsating.

It’s a sensation of truth.

…a sensation of connection…

To what is…was…and that which is just outside our reach, waiting for the instruction to return…and come for the first time.

We are reminded that this all for us…

…the daylight, the moonlight, the light, the darkness…

…it’s not separate from us.

It’s an intricate part of us, a story told by us.

We can do this.

….. we are doing this….

By seeing the world as in our favor, we are healing the world.

By healing ourselves, we are healing the world.

By loving ourselves, we are giving that love as a gift to the world.

I am certain it makes a difference whether we treat ourselves with love. I see it in my own life, in the eyes of my children, in the heart of my husband.

When I am treating them with fear, I see my own reflection in their concern and unknowing. I recognize that it’s me I speak of.

“Where am I not loving myself?” – Tracy McMillan

I may loose my faith and find it again.

My faith is this: By healing ourselves….by loving ourselves… the world vibrates with an energy that can only be transformed by the energy of love and compassion.

So we can do this.

We have been doing it for thousands of years.

And we will continue.

4 thoughts on “Yes, it does make a difference

      1. Being women, I think the moon’s phases do affect us because we are connected to her 🙂

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