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3 Ways to Go Inwards to Help Change the World

If you read my blog post, How my life and belief changed as I became an awakened woman, thank you.

3 ways to go inward to help change the world

1.) When you feel yourself tense or angry about a situation, ask yourself: What is this really about? What is it about this situation that makes me so angry?

“I am never upset for the reason I think.” – A Course in Miracles

For example, if you’re angry about the election… go deeper by asking yourself questions about the way you feel.

A spiritual teacher I follow suggests asking, “What’s so bad about that?”

So if you’re angry about the election, focus on why you’re angry. What’s so bad about being angry?

You may say: “It’s not fair.”

So then ask yourself: What’s so bad about something not being fair.

If you ask my 9-year-old about fairness, she’d say it’s one of the most important things in her life… for things to be fair.

So what is our attachment to things being fair?

What’s so bad about life when things aren’t fair?

Perhaps at this point you remember a time when things weren’t fair for you… perhaps you witnessed an injustice… to another person, or perhaps it happened to you.

This is a process you can use in order go deeper and discover what is really going on… stay curious and non-judgemental.

2.) Seek the help of a good therapist, coach or counselor. If you’re called to heal your trauma, seek out a therapist that specializes in it.

Even when I couldn’t afford the $30 copay for the therapist I see now, I worked with a counselor on a sliding scale. This was huge for me and gave me the support when I knew I needed it. I suggest working with a therapist who is open to a spiritual conversation and will cultivate this relationship you have with yourself.

I am glad to offer recommendations for those who seek someone locally. I can also recommend others who work via phone or Skype.

3.) Let go of expectations and judgement

I remember when my friend, Katelyn, and I would talk about our experiences with our inner work and I’d say “Let it go”, like the song, and she’d say, “Ah, that doesn’t make me feel good because it feels so hard!”

It can feel very difficult and when we aren’t in the flow, we feel so attached to our beliefs and thoughts. When we start to release judgement of ourselves, we start to release judgement of others. When we start to let go of what we think the world should look like or what we think our lives should look like, we start to feel freedom and a new energy.

Just as we are guided and protected by divine energies, I also do not work alone in this physical world!

I seek out the help of alternative medicine practitioners, and other spiritually aligned role models and friends who help me and support me in my journey of freedom, peace, and personal responsibility.

May you receive this information with love and support, and know that we are changing the world for the good… the world is getting better, no matter what it looks like… All beings past and present are fully interested in our success…. peace and love to all.

Thank you for reading.

God bless,




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