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Why it’s Ok to put down the fight

This idea… that we have fought for everything we have.

…that we must fight for what we want.

There have been times in my life where I floated through…. and times that felt like a struggle.

I was premature at birth and in the hospital for weeks after an emergency surgery.

One could say that I was a fighter.

I have had that idea and carried the energy in various ways throughout my life.

Then it dawned on me….

…what if that wasn’t the case at all.

What if I hadn’t fought…

….but surrendered…

What if it wasn’t a fight…

….but a dance…

One in which I was loved through every bit of the way… and one in which I gave what needed to be given and received what needed to be received.

What if I can let go of this idea that I must fight for what I want…

…fight for what I deserve…

…fight for what I currently have and fight for what I will have.

What would happen if I lay the struggle down…

Not give up…

….but let go.

Let go of the fight.

Let go of the tension.

Let go of the resistance.

Let go of the control.

…. surrender the fight.


Live a life of freedom, peace and ease.

My struggle has ended


To teach my kids about forgiveness, I tell them: Forgiveness means you let someone off the hook, you let it go. It doesn’t make what they have done OK. It means that you don’t make them pay for it. You don’t prove that you’re right. You choose to not hold it against them. You choose to let it go and move on.

The article I read goes on to teach different ways our kids can do that: Write on a piece of paper what happened and how that made you feel. You can:

  • tear it up
  • soak it in water and then squeeze it into a tiny ball, practicing then to throw it away in a basket
  • bury it in a garden or a secret place
  • think of another way to destroy it

It advises that God can help us forgive someone when it is difficult, and it is ultimately something WE must do. The other person doesn’t need to do anything.

It’s hard to forgive sometimes… a lot of the time.

This is when we ask for God’s help. I have learned it’s as simple as that.

“God, help!”

“I need a miracle.”

“I am willing to receive a miracle.”

“I am willing to see things differently.”

Insert Divine intervention.

Although I would LOVE there to be flashes of light, glittery angels swooping in and God appearing before me to give me a great big hug….

It’s not that…. visual…. for me anyhow, and there are many people who actually do have experiences like this.

Let yourself off the hook

Now what happens when it’s ourselves we need to let off the hook.

Are we willing to accept our own forgiveness?

Yes…. we must be…

I am ready to let go…. to let the resistance go…. put down the fight…. and let myself receive forgiveness… receive Divine intervention.


What is your experience with forgiveness? Do you recognize when it’s yourself that you need to let off the hook?




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