What to do if you have a really strong opinion

A dirty joke comes to mind when I think about opinions. Everyone has them, right?

I noticed that I have strong opinions about things.

Let’s call them what they are….


I have very strong beliefs about things.

As I am sure you do as well.

Definition of opinion: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

Definition of belief: an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.

Opinion feels to me more like a perspective. It doesn’t feel like it’s rooted in anything.

Belief to me feels more like something inextricably connected to our character, to who we are.

For many of us, we are attached to our beliefs so much because they actually define who we are. If we didn’t have our beliefs, than who are we? That can be a scary place.

Have you ever tried talking someone out of their belief? It’s like trying to pull a ton of bricks… annoyingly painful…and pretty much impossible.

When someone’s belief is threatened…. so is their sense of self.

This is why the world is changing.

Our energy is shifting and so are long-held beliefs.

Have no fear. This is a good thing.

Some say we live at a time where there are so many personal beliefs and opinions, that the facts are merely slipping aside, most things becoming subjective.


This vs. that.

Him vs. her.

Them vs us.


I find myself getting wrapped up in feeling so strongly about something, I can’t even fathom the other side. I feel so disconnected from the other perspective that I can’t.even.

Have you ever felt that way?

I imagine you have.

It’s the world we live in,and although we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we are just so human so much of the time!

What does time have to do with it

We live in a time-space reality. Other dimensions do not have the same rules as this one.

Gravity. Physicality. Time.

These are all rules that our collective consciousness decided upon over the expansion of our existence.

In space, a star can be light years away and time travel is possible.

Think of this time-space reality like that. A construct that we have created in order to further our expansion.

It’s pretty much a way of living that will help us acquire the skills and ability that will help us grow, learn and evolve.

So what does time have to do with opinions?

It’s the way this world works.

It’s the illusion of choice.

It’s the experience of opposites.

We would not know day time if it’s weren’t for the night.

We wouldn’t know feeling good, if we didn’t know feeling bad.

It’s the way the world is set up so we can tangibly see PERSPECTIVE.

It’s learning at its crispiest moment.

We learn what we like, because we know what we don’t like.

We learn what we want, because we know what we don’t want.

It’s a learning tool.

It another external tool that we can use to then go internally and seek truth.

It’s a gauge….a physical manifestation of our internal condition.

What opinions teach me

Once I catch myself getting caught up in the external, I remember to go in.

What am I feeling?

What is this experience teaching me about where I currently am and then how to move forward.

It’s not about who is right or wrong, agreements or disagreements… it is the way it makes us feel that is most important to take notice of. This is where the work is….where the real meaning resides.


Do you struggle with having a strong opinion, or find it difficult to be around someone who does?

Feel free to share with me any questions or comments you have.

Thank you and a beautiful week.



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