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Can honoring our past help us heal our worry today?

How many lives had you had?

This young woman remembers 10 of them.

What if our worry and guilt surrounding motherhood, is due to our lineage?

Sure, it’s a behavioral trait and energetic trait that is passed from generation to generation.

They say, If your mother was a worrier, chances are you will be one, too.

But what if it goes beyond that…

What if worry is not just a pattern of learned behavior but a byproduct of us rememebering our past?

Earth Angel Realms

After reading this book last summer, which describes “how to fully enjoy the unique qualities of your particular realm, as well as receive tailor-made guidance focusing on your specific life purpose”.

I resonated with a group of angels named”The Wise Ones.”

“Whereas the other realms are new to being human, the Wise Ones have been human for eons.”

Doreen describes them as living so many lives and asked by “spiritual soldiers” to come back to earth and help guide and heal others with their learned understanding of human and spiritual practices.

The Wise Ones carry wisdom that is “far beyond their years.”

….this wisdom includes emotional baggage from past experiences.

If you lived lives during times of war, of trauma, of early civilization, these emotions may still be present.

You know what it’s like to have your family and loved ones taken away.

We may be carrying “residual pain.”

How to heal

The focus for worry

  • Celebrate our warrior-esque wisdom! We come from a long line of strong women. When thoughts of worry seem to rear their heads, decide if a new thought resonates with you, and brings you relief: I am a wise warrior who has been here before… I am grateful for this family and I recognize that any fear I have was based on a past experience and does not accurately represent my current life.
  • Take Doreen’s suggestion and sever any vows you may have made in past lives that have to do with suffering, self-sacrifice or retribution, poverty, obediance or silence (to name a few). Break any vows and their effects by strongly affirming: I hereby sever any vows of suffering, self-sacrifice, or retribution that I may have made, in all direction of time. I rescind any negative effects of these vows, now and forever.”

She continues to recommend that we “conduct the ceremony during a full moon, which is the time of release. Then, stand up and stomp your foot down strongly as you make each statement aloud. Really say it like you mean it when you sever those vows!”

I’ll admit… I have done this…

…with words like rescind, it’s very True Blood-esque….so that’s fun.

… I believe that so many things are possible and if we connect with something emotionally, there is something meaningful about that.

Sometimes it means that we have more work to…more questions to ask about ourselves and why we may feel a certain way. Why we may be “emotionally hooked” as Brene Brown described it.

If connecting with the energies of the moon brings you relief and the possibility that we may be carrying past emotions, and even carrying other people’s emotions….resonates with you, then give it a try.

Belief and possibility, I have learned, is meant to give relief…. not resistance. If you are resistant to an idea because it goes against your beliefs, is it our beliefs or our resistance that is the truer of the two? Perhaps the body knows better than the belief and is urging us to ignite our curiosity.



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