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Day 6 of Thanks: Children

“Do as I say, not as I do…” Still totally applicable! I contradict myself all the time, so if my kids can simply follow this guideline, I would feel much better…

We make every effort to grow our patience muscles…grow our understanding muscles….

Our kids teach us to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves…. both of which we do so much of….

They are a direct reflection of us, yet have a soul of themselves… parts of which I do not take responsibility for…

They also have free will…. so make efforts as I may… they are their own people…and gratitude plus a thousand still leaves light years of space to express how much I appreciate my children and the gifts they give me…

They were given to us from God…they were chosen for us long ago… there was a time when my guilt would overcome me… what did I do to deserve these children?….how am I qualified to raise these miracles? They are so natural…and so much closer to heaven than I….

Who am I to feel frustration and anger towards them, when they are so fresh from creation? How is it that they test me so?

I have since chosen to release my guilt and fear and decide to take my assignment a little more peacefully…

My daughter is a reflection of me if I ever saw one… the experience of being with her is like a tornado…she swirls my energy all around and wraps it around herself like a warm blanket… her words can cut me like ice and her whining is a constant reminder to me: I must be willing to release the control I think I have…it’s pain and it’s not serving me…a reminder that I am not in control of the energy around me, only my own…which affects the energy around me…

I am grateful for all the children of the world and I bless their caretakers and teachers…that we may rise up and be better for ourselves, and better for them… that we may embrace more and be conscious for them… they are very intuitive and their power is not to be taken lightly…

I am so incredibly grateful for my children and the beautiful gifts they give me…of love, laughter and lessons… and even when I want to rip my hair out, I’m still grateful they are here with me and I wouldn’t rather be with anyone else…

Thank you, babies…. I love you

Champagne To Crayons

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