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Have you ever wondered what you look like?

Have you ever wondered what you look like?

I don’t mean your physical appearance or your character traits.

I mean…

What is it that you look like…

….from your Creator’s perspective.

How does the collective energy of the world see your presence?

Our purpose

Purpose is reason…it’s the why.

What is our purpose?

Do you ever wonder what it is? What you were created for? Why you are here?

Danielle LaPorte

We can see this in children.

We view the world of them through our own eyes.

They view the world completely differently.

They learn who they are, through us.

I see in my daughter who I was before I decided who I should be.

What do we look like?

Good Lord, with social media nowadays… we get so caught up with visual stimulation. We get so used to what things look like.

When I look in the mirror, I seem to gravitate to the same places. Any blemishes I have, dark circles under my eyes… a darkening mustache my Italian great-grandmother gave me…

We are so used to seeing the same things over and over.

What would we look like if we didn’t know what we looked like?

What does our essence look like?

Are we bright, are we dim, are we another word that we can’t even use to describe us because words are of this world and we are so much more than just this world?

What do we feel like?

What is it that speaks through us?

We are visual creatures and of course, that is part of this experience!

Have you ever wondered what our world would be like if we felt it, rather than just looked at it?

World be like if we felt

Have you ever thought about what your world would look like if you took the meaning away that we have used as labels, and experienced it for what it is? Whatever that may be… not what we have labeled it as…

This goes for people, places, objects, ideas…

May we feel free to see our world with the eyes of our Creator…. the bliss, the love and the light. The essence…. the acceptance… the aliveness… the here-it-is-ness.


Have you ever seen something in a new light, something that you’ve looked at every day since you can remember? Perhaps you feel a little differently about someone that you’ve known forever. You notice yourself seeing…noticing something deeper.

“There’s something there that wasn’t there before” ~ Beauty and the Beast

God bless.



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